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How to Make a Hand Fan

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Hand Fan?

Understanding how to make a custom hand fan is a timeless and important skill set that applies to everyday lifestyles. A hand fan is an important cooling implement that is beneficial and useful on special occasions, during the summer, and even while you are home. Despite the wide range of usage of hand fans, most people lack the basics of fixing

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How to Wash Your Baseball Hat

How to Wash Your Baseball Hat

Washing your custom baseball hat is easier than you think with the proper cleaning techniques. Do you know that failure to wash your hat can cause germs in your hair? In historical context, it has been established that constant wearing of the same custom baseball hat, especially the one you cherish, can give you pleasure and also beneficial to your health.

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Are Fanny Packs Back in Style

How to Wear a Fanny Pack in 16 Ways

Are Fanny Packs Back in Style? Historically, fanny Packs and their similitudes have been in existence for a long time even though they were not called “fanny Packs”. Bags that were once used as fanny packs include belt pouches, Scottish sporrans, and buffalo pouches. They all fulfilled the same functional need, which was to assist users in keeping their belongings

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How to Sew a Tote Bag

Tote Bag DIY Tutorial: How to Make a Tote Bag?

What is a Tote Bag? A tote bag is a wide and often spacious bag, usually without a zip. For a long time, it was associated with packing groceries, but over time evolved. People now use tote bags for a wide range of purposes apart from being shopping bags. Other uses include handbags, gym bags, storage, take-on holiday bags, laptop

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What is A Lanyard? Everything You Need to Know!

  A lanyard is a cord or strap with one end attached to an object while the other is looped around the wearer’s neck. Lanyards have evolved with their applicability in events, corporate settings, conventions, access passes, display identification cards, etc. This worldwide acceptance was enabled by the attachment of personal expression, whereby

Where to buy lanyards - Supplier Guide

Where to Buy Lanyards? – Tips For Choosing Lanyard Supplier

Are you looking for a reliable lanyard supplier? Or do you need to find the perfect lanyard for a special event or occasion? Either way, it’s essential to consider all your options before making a purchase. First of all, it’s important to decide which type of lanyard you need. There are several varieties available


What to Put on Lanyard

Lanyards are straps that are made of polyester, plastic, or cotton that are usually worn around the neck and include a clip or a hook at the bottom that holds items such as keys, ID badges, or other small objects like USB drives. Lanyards simplify life for businesses, firms, and

Color Wristbands

What Do Different Color Wristbands Mean

Understanding the deep meaning of the different colors that adorn your favourite custom wristband is intriguing. We are in the age of symbolism, where personal expression takes centre stage. People often find their voice through various forms of expression. Thus, the emergence of personalized wristbands. The simple custom woven wristband,

Where Can I Buy Wristbands

Where Can I Buy Wristbands? – Wristband Supplier Guide

What are wristbands? As you might know already, wristbands are circular-shaped straps that people wear on their wrists. They are sometimes referred to as custom bracelets. This is because people also use them for decorative and fashion purposes. Wristbands are of different types of materials to meet different needs. This

Choosing The Right Supplier For Bulk Lanyards

Tips For Choosing The Right Supplier For Bulk Lanyards

Are you an organization, such as a school or a corporate business, that wants to make its students or employees stand out? Lanyards are a great option for you. While there are numerous reasons to use lanyards, it is also important to know your specific lanyard needs, such as how


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How to Make A Pillowcase

How to Choose and Clean Pillow Cases

How to Make Keychains?


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