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Design Your Own Custom Lanyards


As a professional custom lanyard maker, FastPrintStar® offers cheap custom lanyards in bulk at the lowest price! Now customize your own lanyards in a snap and enjoy the Lowest Price of $0.46!

Custom lanyards


What Kinds Of Customized Lanyards We Offer?

As a custom lanyards supplier, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of cheap customized lanyards to suit your every need. Whether you’re looking for low cost lanyards for corporate events, trade shows, schools, or personal use, we have you covered. Now choose and make your own lanyards!

Sublimation Lanyards

As Low As $0.48

Polyester Lanyards

As Low As $0.51

Woven Lanyards

As Low As $0.52

Tubular Lanyards

As Low As $0.53

Nylon Lanyards

As Low As $0.61

Eco-friendly Lanyards

As Low As $0.54

100% Best Printing

How To Choose Lanyard Printing For Your Custom Design?

sublimation printing

Sublimation Printing

This technique allows for vibrant and full-color prints on the lanyard. It is ideal for intricate designs, gradients, and photographic images. Sublimation printing ensures durability and long-lasting colors. Commonly used in Custom Sublimation Lanyards.

Silk Screen Printing

Silk Screen Printing

Known for its versatility, silk screen printing offers precise and high-quality results. It is suitable for designs with solid colors and sharp edges. Silk screen printing provides excellent visibility and durability. Commonly used in Custom Polyester Lanyards.

Jacquard Process

Jacquard Process

Jacquard process creates a woven-in design with fine details and a textured finish. This method is perfect for logos or text with intricate patterns or small fonts. Jacquard lanyards are known for their premium look. Commonly used in Custom Woven Lanyards.

Lanyard Design Ideas

Need Any Design Ideas on Lanyards Custom? We’ve Got You Covered

Custom Lanyards With Logo

Custom Printed Lanyards

Elevate your brand with custom print lanyards from FastPrintStar! Our high-quality lanyards can be customized to showcase your logo, company name, cartoon patterns, festival elements, or any design of your choice. From vibrant colors and patterns to sleek and professional prints, we bring your vision to life. Perfect for events, conferences, or promotional giveaways, our cheap custom printed lanyards are a stylish and effective way to promote your brand. Order cheap bulk lanyards custom today and make a lasting impression!


Custom Logo Lanyards

Custom lanyards with logo are an effective branding tool for businesses and organizations. Whether for identification purposes, promotional events, or conferences, these customized lanyards with logo help create a professional and cohesive look. By displaying your logo prominently, you can enhance brand visibility and leave a lasting impression. FastPrintStar® offers a wide range of options for customizing lanyards with your logo, ensuring a high-quality and personalized product that represents your brand with pride. Customize your own lanyard no minimum today and make a statement!

Printed lanyards As You Wish
Make Custom Lanyards with FastPrintStar


Make Your Own Personalized Lanyards With FastPrintStar

Looking for high quality custom lanyards? FastPrintStar® offers the perfect solution! At FastPrintStar, we empower you to make your own lanyard no minimum that reflects your unique style and purpose. Whether for identification, branding, or special events, our user-friendly platform allows you to design your own custom lanyards with ease. With a wide range of customization options, including colors, logos, text, and attachments, your personalized lanyards no minimum order will stand out and serve your specific needs.

Experience the freedom of expression and functionality with FastPrintStar as you design lanyards that are truly your own. Partner with us – your trusted supplier – to unlock cheap custom lanyards no minimum!











Easy Order Online

Easy  Order System Online


Why do People Need Customizable Lanyards Bulk?

In recent years, no minimum custom lanyards have experienced a surge in demand due to their potential for customization. Individuals are drawn to the ability to tailor lanyards to their preferences, incorporating colors, patterns, logos, and even QR codes. Lanyard custom made have emerged as versatile and impactful accessories that seamlessly integrate style, functionality, and personal expression. This innovative accessory has gained widespread popularity across various demographics due to its multifaceted utility and the added touch they bring to everyday life. Now choose the right personalized lanyards cheap to meet your specific needs.

School Lanyards


Custom Lanyards for Schools

Custom school lanyards provide a practical solution for educators. With features like badge holders, these cheap personalised lanyards for schools keep IDs, keys, and access cards easily accessible. They enhance school security and help teachers showcase their professional identity. Commonly used school lanyard types are:

  • Personalized Teacher Lanyards – provide convenient identification for educators, ensuring easy access and a professional appearance in educational settings. The teaching assistant lanyard is also one of the school lanyards.
  • Custom ID Badge Lanyards – offer a practical and stylish solution for displaying identification cards, enhancing efficiency in various environments.


Custom Company Lanyards

Company branded lanyards are powerful branding tools that reinforce corporate identity, boost employee morale, and create a professional impression in various business environments. Personalize your lanyards to represent your company’s unique values and make a lasting impact. Commonly used company lanyard types are:

  • Branded Lanyards – serve as effective promotional tools, showcasing your logo or message, and offering a professional and cohesive look for your team.
  • Custom Staff Lanyards – identify and distinguish employees, ensuring smooth operations and fostering an organized environment in the workplace.
Company Lanyards
Event Lanyards


Custom Event Lanyards

Custom event lanyards are designed for conferences, festivals, and special occasions. They can feature event logos, sponsor branding, or attendee names. These lanyards create a sense of unity among participants and serve as keepsakes. Commonly used event lanyard types are:

  • Custom Conference Lanyards – provide secure identification and promote networking at events, ensuring a seamless and professional experience.
  • Custom Trade Show Lanyards – serve as reliable identification tools, promoting brand visibility and fostering a professional atmosphere at trade show events.



Custom Hospital Lanyards

Custom hospital lanyards are designed specifically for the healthcare industry, offering a reliable and convenient way to display identification cards and access keys or badges. These hospital lanyards ensure easy identification of hospital staff while promoting a sense of professionalism and trust among patients and visitors. Commonly used hospital lanyard types are:

  • Custom Nurse Lanyards – provides a convenient way for healthcare professionals to hang essential tools, keeping them easily accessible during their demanding work shifts.
  • Custom Retractable Lanyards – offers a practical solution for carrying and accessing ID cards, keys, or small tools with ease and efficiency.
Hospital Lanyard


3 Steps to Easily Get Your Lanyards Customized with FastPrintStar

3 Steps to Customize Lanyards

1. Select Your Product Online 

Select your preferred lanyard material, color, and attachments from our large range of high-quality customized lanyards no minimum.

2. Upload Your Logo

Just need to upload your lanyard logo or design to our website, and leave your needs. The proof will be sent to you within 12h.

3. Leave the Rest to Us

Once the order is submitted, your expertly custom printed lanyards no minimum will arrive so quickly you’ll wonder how we do it.




Why You Customize Lanyards from FastPrintStar?

Creating Your Custom Lanyardds

Welcome to our world of customisable lanyards, where individuality meets functionality! As a professional lanyards vender, FastPrintStar® specializes in crafting lanyards that not only hold your essentials but also showcase your unique style. We provide free design service, no matter what kind of design effect you need, please feel free to let us know your idea, and our expert design team will spare no effort to show you the best work!

We accommodate both small-batch orders and bulk wholesale requests. Whether you are looking for cheap personalized lanyards bulk, wholesale custom lanyards, or high-quality lanyards at no minimum, we’ve got you covered. Our commitment to affordability means you don’t have to compromise on quality for the price. 

Now Create Your Own Lanyards to join countless satisfied customers who have discovered the perfect accessory for expressing their identity. Reach out to us for your custom lanyard no minimum needs and unlock a world of design possibilities without breaking the bank. Your lanyard, your way – because customization shouldn’t come at a premium. Look no further, design your own lanyard no minimum today!


What Users Speak About Our Branded Lanyards

As a professional lanyard supplier,  we offer the best custom lanyards bulk for customers around the world! Our cheapest custom lanyards have garnered praise from users for their exceptional quality. Customers have shared their experiences, highlighting how our lanyards have proven to be the perfect promotional tool for businesses and a versatile accessory for various events. From the durability of materials to the precision of branding, hear what users have to say about our custom lanyards fast.

"I recently ordered low quantity custom lanyards from FastPrintStar for our company's upcoming activity, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The lanyards were not only eye-catching but also incredibly sturdy. They held our ID badges securely throughout the event without any issues. The quick turnaround time ensured we had them in hand well before the event, and the team at FastPrintStar was responsive and accommodating to our needs. I highly recommend this suppiler for any custom lanyard no minimum order!"
Adam S.
Adam T.
Purchasing Manager
"I wanted to give a big shout-out to FastPrintStar for the fantastic job they did with our custom lanyards cheap. We ordered personalized lanyards in bulk for our nonprofit organization's annual fundraising event, and they were a hit. The lanyards were not only well-priced but also of excellent quality. The printing of our organization's name and logo was sharp and vibrant, and the lanyards felt durable and comfortable to wear. We couldn't be happier, and we will definitely come here again for future no minimum lanyards needs."
Mike S
Mike S.


Everything You Need To Know About Custom Made Lanyards


Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Lanyards



What To Put On A Lanyard?



Tips For Choosing The Right Supplier For Bulk Lanyards


 Frequently Asked Questions

About Custom Lanyards Wholesale

What types of customized lanyard online do you offer?

FastPrintStar® provides you with a variety of different types of lanyards that can definitely meet your needs. The most common include Sublimation Lanyards, Polyester Lanyards, Woven Lanyards, Tubular Lanyards, Nylon Lanyards, and so on. You can even opt for Eco-friendly Lanyards made from recycled materials like PET or bamboo.

How can I place custom printed lanyards no minimum order from your website?

Ordering cheap lanyards custom is easy! Visit our website and choose your preferred lanyard style, size, color, and attachments. Then, provide your artwork, logo, or imprint text, select the quantity and expected delivery date, and place your order online.

Do you have a minimum order quantity of custom bulk lanyards?

FastPrintStar® offers completely custom lanyard no minimum, making them suitable for both small events and large-scale promotions. So whether you need customized lanyards in bulk or custom lanyards small quantity, we all got you covered.

What is the typical production time for your lanyard custom?

Production time varies depending on the customization options and quantity you order. It usually ranges from 5 to 10 business days for our custom lanyards no minimum order. Rush orders may be available for an additional fee.

Can I see a sample before ordering bulk custom lanyards?

Yes, of course! For customized lanyards bulk orders, we will make a sample and take photos for your confirmation after you place the order and approve the artwork; if necessary, we can also send the physical sample to your address. We will arrange mass production only after you confirm it.

How do I choose the right attachment for my personalised lanyards no minimum order?

The attachment type depends on the items you intend to carry (ID cards, badge holders, keys, etc.). Common attachments for our customized lanyards cheap include thumb hooks, swivel hooks, bulldog clips, keyrings, and badge reels.

What is the difference between dye-sublimation and screen printing?

They are the two most common printing methods in custom lanyard bulk production. Dye-sublimation provides full-color, high-resolution prints that are infused into the lanyard material, resulting in a durable, vibrant finish. Screen printing involves applying ink directly onto the lanyard surface and is ideal for simpler designs with fewer colors.
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