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Beach Towel Guide: What Are Beach Towels Used For?

What is a Beach Towel

What is a Beach Towel?

A beach towel is a kind of towel that is light to carry. It is a necessary add-on for your summer outing. They are also useful for many outdoor activities, just like the custom neck gaiters.

Beach towels are manufactured in lively colours or customized with individuals’ favourite designs. They are made from synthesis materials like cotton and polyester which makes them feel soft on your skin.

Whether it’s a swimming outing or a visit to an amusement park, beach towels have been designed to offer you the best possible experience ever.

What Makes a Good Beach Towel?

All beach towels do not carry the same designs. This is because of the differences in people’s tastes, which is why most people prefer customized beach towel. Nevertheless, there are some general attributes to watch out for when picking a beach towel. This is to ensure that your choice meets your needs.

high quality custom beach towels

One of the things that matters in a beach towel is the material it is made of. The best beach towels are made of microfiber. This enables high absorbency, a soft feel and quick drying. There are also custom luxury beach towels which can add sophistication to your choices.

It is also important to be careful of the size of the beach towel of your choice. The standard size of a beach towel is 30 x 60 in (76 x 152 cm) which is generally suitable for any form of activity.

custom luxury beach towels

Above all, it is best to go for beach towels that are easy to maintain and adaptable, and these largely depend on the material. Once you have succeeded in getting yourself a high-quality beach towel, it will last for years if properly maintained.

What are the Uses of Beach Towels?

Just because it is called “beach towels” does not mean their usage is restricted. They can be used for many things. These things do not often occur to people because the name rings a bell of a waterside activity.

Even at the waterside, it could serve several purposes other than just keeping you dry. It could serve as a relaxing blanket, providing a safe place for you to sit. You can also lie without being hurt by the hot sand at the beach.

You can also spread them over the surface of your lounge chairs. Their soft feel will give you some cushion vibe while relaxing on hard lounge chairs. A beach towel at the beach can also be improvised to serve as a makeshift blanket. This can keep your belongings safe.

If you are using beach towels for solely drying your body, ensure that you are using the loopy side and not the smooth side.

Other Uses of Beach Towels

Peradventure, you are not a beach kind of person or you don’t have water bodies around you. Yet, do you have some custom-printed beach towels that seem unusable? You may have gotten them as gifts or souvenirs from your favorite company or an event, below are some creative ways to put them to use:


When you go for outdoor picnics in parks or gardens, you can use beach towels to create safe sitting spaces for you and your loved ones. Since they are reasonably large, you can also set your goodies on them. Elevate your outdoor experience by adding a bucket hat to your outfit. This can further protect your face from the harsh sunburn.

custom towels for picnic

Yoga Mat

Beach towels are also sturdy enough to be used as a yoga mat. You can conveniently spread your legs and stretch your body. The beach towel is wide enough to accommodate you regardless of the yoga style.

Covers for Car Seats

Beach towels are a good supporting tool to have in cars. You can cover your car seats with beach towels to prevent them from always getting dirty or stained by children or pets riding along.

They can adorn your car seats with their vibrant colors, and they are easy to clean. It would also help your car seats last longer.

custom towels for car seats

Event Decor

Custom beach towels can be used as decorative cover tables at events or parties. You can use your customized beach towel to engage your guests by making a statement on them. You may not have to keep spending your money on tablecloths anymore.

custom towels for room decor

Bedroom Decor

With spectacular custom printed beach towels, you can make your bedding fanciful. By spreading them over the edge of your bed, you would also shield your bed sheets against dirt.

Can Beach Towels be Used as Bath Towels?

From all indications, beach towels and bath towels are two different accessories. Each of them serves purposes that are peculiar to its mode of design. It is important to bear in mind their physical differences. This will guide you to shop according to your needs per time.

In terms of size, bath towels are generally shorter than beach towels. This is because they are meant to accommodate one person at a time. Beach towels on the other hand are longer.  An ideal beach towel would accommodate more than one person, protecting their body from sand.

Custom Bath Towels

They are also different in surfaces. While beach towels have two different surfaces, the surfaces of bath towels are the same (loopy). Beach towels have a loopy side to dry up your body and a trimmed side. This trimmed side is smooth enough to be customized to reflect your personality.

However, bath towels are thicker because of the all-round loop, and take time to dry up. Beach towels absorb moisture as well, but dry very fast.

In summary, a beach towel can still be used as an impromptu bath towel. Since it has a loopy side, it would still dry up your body after a shower and prevent waterlogging. Replacing a bath towel with a beach towel will not meet your outdoor needs. Bath towels are not portable to pack and are not sand-proof. You may also find your legs in the sand because they’re shorter.

What are the Benefits of Customized Beach Towels?

Customized beach towels are the same as custom beach towels. They are the type of beach towels that carry specific designs, patterns and logos on them. This is in a bid to showcase people’s sense of fashion and interest.

Custom or personalized beach towels are one of the ways to make your towel stand out. Your beach towel wouldn’t be mistaken for another’s.

Businesses and companies also benefit greatly from customized beach towels. They are a great tool for advertisement. With your company’s logo or slogan printed on beach towels, you will get your brand in front of a lot of people. Remember, it’s an outdoor accessory.

Each time people use your beach towel, they are reminded of your products and services. You can also add the handy keychains, this can take your business beyond the beach.

Where Can I Buy Beach Towels?

Now that you’re thinking of buying a custom beach towel, the next thing is to spot an all-around expert vendor to get all kinds of beach towels from. When you search the net for a place to get these products from, you will surely see a lot of vendors but not all are unique and customer-centric like the FastPrintStar.

At FastPrintStar, you can personalize your beach towel and turn it into a work of art with creativity and elegance. Their simple interface allows you to design your own beach towel and order them in just three steps.

Their upskilled professionals are familiar with the latest styles and can tell what you want from your order. They are devoted to your satisfaction, so, you can have your design adjusted till you are satisfied. Interestingly, you can be sure to be carried along every step of the way with their 24/7 customer support, for your optimum satisfaction.

You can reach out to FastPrintStar for your super soft and eye-catching custom beach towel. You can order custom beach towels in bulk or as little as one. You also stand the chance to get professional brand ideas at no cost.

Types of Custom Beach Towels

As regards the types, there are various types of custom beach towel designs to choose from at FastPrintStar. Your choice will only depend on your need and reason for ordering. Some of them are listed below:

  • Custom-printed beach towel: This is ideal for companies’ logos and trademarks.
  • Custom photo beach towel: Custom photo beach towels are the best gift ideas for family and favourite people. You can add images of people or their memorable moments to thrill them.
  • Custom beach towel with name: You can also customize your beach towel with your full name or the initials of your name.
  • Custom pet beach towel and custom beach towel with cartoon picture are also available for pet lovers and parents who have kids. For your dogs, you can check out exceptional custom dog bandanas.

You can customize your own beach towels today that can be delivered to you anywhere around the world. There are several templates with a variety of design printing options for you to pick from.

With a compact and tear-resistant material, you will be getting nothing less than high-quality customized beach towels.


In conclusion, beach towels are much more useful than just being a summer beach accessory. They can be your yoga mat, event decor items and many more. Even at the beach, they do more than keep you dry. For instance, they can be used as relaxing blankets, preventing the hot sand from hurting you.

Custom beach towels are handy to help you make a statement and get stylish. With custom beach towels, you can also promote your brand and business and at FastPrintStar, we have a wide range of beach towel designs that can help you fully show your flair for style and creativity.

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