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Pillow Cases Size Guide: What Size Is A Standard Pillowcase?

What Size Is A Standard Pillowcase

Custom pillowcases have transcended from a mere piece of fabric that only protects your pillow from stains, spills, or damage to a thing of comfortability that allows you to sleep peacefully. However, the labyrinth of the customized pillowcase is such that it can bewilder even the most knowledgeable among us. All thanks to the endless arrays of pillowcase materials, sizes, and the functionality you intend to use it for. Understanding the right size and dimension of the pillowcase you need is not rocket science. Instead, it requires tact and knowledge. Fear not; this comprehensive guide demystifies the concept of pillowcase size and dimensions, providing the most detailed information on finding the right customized pillowcase size for a sleeping space.

Importance of Choosing The Right Pillowcase Size

No one can underestimate the Importance of choosing the right custom pillowcase size. This is the case of prioritizing good sleep over other things because a pillowcase nestles beneath your head. Surprisingly, most people still don’t understand the crux of custom pillowcases’ impacts on their comfort and sleep. Imagine the embarrassment and disturbance you feel when your pillow escapes from the ill-fitting pillowcase because of slight tossing and turning in your sleep.

How to Choose The Right Pillowcase Size

Getting the right size pillowcase is your golden ticket to comfort in your sleep because an extremely small pillowcase will expose part of your pillow and create an uncomfortable sleeping surface. On the other hand, an unnecessarily large pillow case can be too bulky for your pillow. Not only does selecting the right pillowcase size deal with your comfort, but it is also essential for the aesthetic and hygiene of your sleeping space. A well-fitting and right-size pillowcase is aesthetically appealing compared to an oversized or undersized pillowcase that drapes awkwardly, unfinished, and tucked in. The following are the outlined benefits of pillowcases.

  • Customized pillowcases can create a smoother surface by reducing the uncomfortable friction you might experience placing your head on a bare pillow.
  • A pillowcase made with breathable materials like cotton or lines is an important measure that helps regulate temperature, preventing overheating or feeling cold at night.
  • Since it’s not always possible to wash pillows without damaging the stuffings, you can just remove the pillowcase and wash it to remove all sorts of dead skin and other allergens. This is important to maintain a clean and healthy sleeping space.
  • This might look odd, but a custom silk pillowcasereduces acne, moisturizes skin, and reduces wrinkles. This is possible with soft and antimicrobial pillowcase materials like silks and cotton that can help your skin retain moisture and minimize friction that can cause skin reactions.
  • If you have a distinct sleeping position or a specific need, having your pillowcase is necessary for a comfortable sleeping experience. This is also important because you will have a timetable for changing your pillowcaseand other sanitary measures.

What Size are Standard Pillowcases

What Size are Standard Pillowcases

The standard pillowcase can be likened to the big brother of the custom printed pillowcase size category because of its ubiquitous size, which can comfortably fit in with standard and queen-size pillows. The standard pillowcase dimension is 20 inches wide and 26 inches long (51cm x 56 cm). The exciting part of choosing a standard pillowcase for your pillow has to be the extra drapes that accommodate variations in pillow sizes.

FastPrintStar custom square pillowcase comes in various materials and offers versatility, ensuring it fits both ends of your pillows. Interestingly, the aura surrounding standard pillowcases applies to fitting queen-size pillows and extends to all pillows that fit into twin or twin XL mattresses. In summary, it’s essential to be aware of the varieties of pillows from various brands. Therefore, you should always double-check the size of your pillow before making pillowcase purchases.

What Size is a King-Size Pillowcase

What Size is a King-Size Pillowcase

Choosing the right size for your king-size customized pillowcase should never come with any drama because king-size pillowcases are meant to accommodate king-size pillows. We know it’s not a straightforward concept, as there are variations in king-size pillow sizes due to different manufacturers. By default, the King-size custom-printed pillowcase dimension is 20 inches wide and 36 inches long (51 x 92 cm). The scope behind having such a broader length is to perfectly accommodate king-size pillows that typically measure 20 inches wide and 34 to 36 inches long.

Another exciting thing about a king-size pillowcase is that it can cover queen-sized and standard-sized pillows. You must check brand variations when choosing the right pillowcase size for your king-size pillows. Also, you should consider buying a king-size pillowcase with a custom bedsheet and blanket to create an immersive sleeping experience.

What Size is a Queen-Size Pillowcase

What Size is a Queen-Size Pillowcase

Your comfortable and dreamy sleep is incomplete without a pair of queen-size custom-printed pillowcases that ensure your pillow stays tucked in throughout the night. The standard queen-size pillowcase measures 20 inches wide and 30 inches long (51 x 76 cm), while the variant with extra length added coverage has a dimension of 20 inches wide and 32 inches long (51 x 81 cm). A queen-size pillowcase is another all-action customized pillowcase based on its ubiquity size, which allows it to fit comfortably with a standard pillow. However, this might not be that optimal, considering that there might be some extra drapes at the opening.

Speciality Pillowcase Size

Speciality Pillowcase Sizes

The diverse world of custom-printed specialty pillowcases, is another unique aspect that caters to specialized pillows that cater to different requirements. It does not matter the type of sleeper or the functionality you intend to use your pillow for; customized specialty pillowcases with pictures or any designs support your vision and provide cover for these types of pillows. The following are the specialty pillowcase sizes that perfectly accommodate specialty pillows.

● Body Pillowcase

If you enjoy cuddling or sprawling out, a custom body pillowcase is the best option for the type of pillow that allows you to enjoy your sleeping posture, most especially if your body is positioned in any of the following shapes: “I” “U” “C” or “J.” while sleeping. The body pillowcase dimension is measured 20 inches wide and 56 inches long. This suggests that the body pillowcase is the longest pillowcase you can find in the market.

● Euro Pillowcase

Custom euro pillowcases or Euro sham pillowcases are quite decorative and are primarily used to accommodate the square-shaped European-styled pillows that adorn your bed. Euro pillowcase measures 26 inches wide and 26 inches long, indicating the balanced sides that make it fit perfectly and a good companion that maintains the pristine look of euro or euro sham pillows. Euro pillows have become a staple among Europeans who have, over the years, enjoyed the comforts that come with using them as a backrest during their leisure and also placed such pillows behind conventional standard, king, and queen-sized pillows to add more beauty to the bed.

● Pregnancy Pillowcase

For complete accommodation of the unique shape of a pregnancy pillow, a pregnancy pillowcase is a necessity that you must consider. Quality sleep is a crucial factor that helps place your baby bump in a comfortable sleeping position while you also have a base support for your lower body. Choosing the right pregnancy pillowcase that measures 30 inches wide by 54 inches long is non-negotiable due to the varied pregnancy pillows ranging from wedge shapes to bean shapes.

● Travel Pillowcase

Customized travel pillowcase is another great choice to satisfy the unique shapes of travel pillows. Remember, not everyone enjoys carrying large pillows on their trip, most importantly those who enjoy snuggling while in transit. Travel pillows come in rectangular and C-shaped with an obvious touch of compartments. Hence, it is best to choose a custom travel pillowcase that measures 14 inches wide and 16 inches long to get the right fit for your travel pillow.

Pillowcase Size Chart

Pillowcase Size Chart

Pillowcase Type

Dimensions (in inches)

Dimensions (in cm)






















Where to Order The Best Pillowcases?

Over the years, FastPrintStar has prioritized your sleeping experience by manufacturing custom square pillowcases that serve as your comforting companion and provide a stylistic outlook on your bed. FastPrintStar custom pillow cases is a work of art that embodies exquisiteness. We make use of high-quality plushy fabric materials for manufacturing while at the same time exuding world-class elegance that’s tailored to your customization worldview. With our HD sublimation printing, FastPrintStar ensures all your artistic inspiration, like logo, pattern, or photo, is birthed on your favorite pillowcase. FastPrintStar is unlike any other brand you’ve known; our ethos for professionalism and creativity is our selling point and places us ahead of others, as you would see in our advantages.

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While it’s looking like everyone is fixated on the standard-size custom pillowcase, remember it is not the only option in the world of customized pillowcases. A perfect-sized pillowcase is the key to a perfect sleep that will be devoid of battling with the pillow falling off and causing discomfort. Also, pillowcases have become favorite companions for pillows that ensure they don’t just get dirty, flatten, and damage the stuffing. Getting the right pillowcase sizes is not rocket science but requires knowledge and understanding of the varieties of pillow sizes, materials, and manufacturers. Look no further, customize your own pillowcases with us today!

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