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How to Wear a Fanny Pack in 16 Ways

Are Fanny Packs Back in Style

Are Fanny Packs Back in Style?

Historically, fanny Packs and their similitudes have been in existence for a long time even though they were not called “fanny Packs”. Bags that were once used as fanny packs include belt pouches, Scottish sporrans, and buffalo pouches. They all fulfilled the same functional need, which was to assist users in keeping their belongings accessible and safe.

However, there was a decline in their usage in the 2000s, but they have made an upturn in recent years. Currently, fanny packs are a popular fashion item that is frequently seen on celebrities, style icons, and a wide range of individuals from all walks of life. With the innovation of custom fanny packs, they have become a blend of uniqueness and utility.

What is a Fanny Pack?

The present-day Fanny Pack is the kind of small bag that you see people wear around their waists like a belt. It often has a buckle or tri-glide to keep it fastened and adjustable.

In a bid to capture its versatility and flexibility, people also call fanny packs names like belly bag, bum bag, waist bag, belt bag, moon bag, and sling bag.

Another type that allows you to customize it with the colors and patterns of your choice is the custom fanny pack. This adds style and individuality to it, especially for you.

What are Fanny Packs Used for?

As mentioned, their primary function is to help keep people’s essentials safe and handy while on the go. This has made traveling easier for a lot of people and keeps bandits away from them.

What is a Fanny Pack

Items like your cell phones, cards, keys, lip balms, and sanitizer will no longer be hard to find.

People also use them to take off the shoulder strains caused by backpacks and other handbags. In

In addition, fanny packs make a good match with neck gaiters on athletic wear and are a staple for bikers and hikers.

No wonder a lot of people have added them to their wardrobes. Let’s see the different ways to Wear and style this unavoidable accessory.

How to Style Fanny Pack in 16 Ways

● Fanny Pack Around Your Waist (classic style)

classic style

Wearing your fanny Pack around your waist is the fundamental way of styling it. It’s an easy way to style it, just position it above your navel and secure it with its buckle.

● Wearing Fanny Packs Sideways

Wearing Fanny Packs Sideways

If you’re not cool with the bulge caused by positioning Fanny Packs on your tummy, you can just turn them sideways. They will easily rest on either of your hips, giving you a cool and casual vibe.

● Fanny Pack Across Your Chest (modern style)

modern style

Keep an eye on your bag easily with this modern way of styling fanny packs. With the buckled straps, wear your fanny pack over your shoulder so that it lies diagonally across your chest. Then, make it rest on your chest like a little cute pet.

● Style Fanny Packs Backwards

Fanny Packs Backwards

In the same manner, as wearing it across your chest, you can style your fanny pack to be positioned on your back. Best style if you want your front clear without any form of obstruction.

● Fanny Pack on the Lower Back

Fanny Pack on the Lower Back

A fun and distinct way to style your fanny pack for leisure outings and beach days!

Simply buckle it up around your waist and turn it to the back. A custom bucket hat and a beach towel complete your accessories for the fun day!

● Fanny Pack With a Jacket

Fanny Pack With a Jacket

Wondering how to style a jacket or blazer with a Fanny Pack on?

Why not try wearing a customized fanny pack on a body con or fitted inner top, then cast your jacket on it? Turn up for your date nights or clubs in this outfit with a glow-in-the-dark wristband to make a noise.

● Wear Fanny Packs Under the Arm

Fanny Packs Under the Arm

You can also look sophisticated and posh with fanny Packs. Wear them under your arm by hanging them on any of your shoulders and leaving them to drop.

You can also adjust it to shorten its length and enhance comfort.

● Grab as a Mini Purse or Bag

As a Mini Purse or Bag

Small-sized customized fanny packs can make a perfect mini purse. Simply fold or adjust straps to the smallest length and hold stylishly. You can easily access your item with just an unzip.

You may want to tie a bandana around the strap to fall by the side

● Wearing a Patterned Fanny Pack

Patterned Fanny Pack

Accentuate plain outfits with custom printed fanny Packs or patterned fanny packs. The bright color splash on the custom fanny pack or eye-catching patterns is all you need to make your plain and monochromatic outfits lively.

● The Clutch Size Fanny Pack Style

Clutch Size Fanny Pack

A clutch-size fanny pack with tiny straps is what you need as a minimalist fashionista. The clutch-size fanny pack will still make you sophisticated while maintaining simplicity.

● The Slouchy Fanny Pack Style

Slouchy Fanny Pack Style

When the need to store more things arises, simply go for a slouch fanny pack. It’s larger and it gives a free and relaxed vibe on the move.

● Fanny Packs and Casual Outfits

Fanny Packs and Casual Outfits

Trendy and graphic T-shirts, jeans, breezy maxi dresses, strappy sandals, oversized shirts, and sneakers all make a great combo for casual outfits in summer and anywhere. Style your fanny Pack in a way that suits you to give just the vibe you want. It could be a street vibe, a festive vibe or a fun vibe, do not hesitate to explore!

● Fanny Pack Layered Style

Fanny Pack Layered Style

A custom fanny pack with logo of your company, brand, or favorite club will do just fine when layered on a blazer or suit. Try this to snap out of a corporate look!

Layering your fanny pack over your dress is also a great way to make it the centerpiece of an outfit.

● Fanny Packs as Waist Cinchers

Fanny Packs as Waist Cinchers

You can use fanny packs to flaunt your shape or emphasize your waist on date nights. As waist cinchers, they can also help bring fitting to a big or free dress for semi-formal outings.

● Pop Colors With Fanny Packs

Pop Colors With Fanny Packs

The need to pop colors on your outfit may arise even more during cold seasons. In seasons like that, people’s outfit colors are often boring or neutral colors like gray sweatshirts, brown and black hoodies, etc.

All you need is a solid-colored fanny pack like white, red, yellow, blue, or green to make the difference.

● Wear Fanny Packs with Brooches and Patches

Fanny Packs with Brooches and Patches

You can also wear fanny packs with stunning brooches or patches attached to them for uniqueness and creativity.

How to Choose The Best Fanny Pack

Choosing the best fanny pack is choosing the one that best meets your needs and fits perfectly. However, there are certain factors to consider when shopping for a Fanny Pack:

  1. Consider the number of items you carry daily. If they are many, a slouchy fanny pack will be best for you.
  2. for a durable and high-quality material that will stay with you for a long period especially if you are involved in rigorous activities.
  3. If you take design seriously on your accessories, you can just order the custom fanny packs. With this choice, you will have the opportunity to design your bag to your taste.
  4. Pick Fanny Packs that have adjustable straps to stay comfortable.
  5. Order from a reputable custom fanny pack manufacturer that is known to have a wide array of options, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Where to Order Custom Fanny Pack Online?

Looking for a way to express yourself with a super-useful accessory? Look no further than custom fanny packs from FastPrintStar! They are your one-stop shop for creating customized products that are both stylish and built to last.

Why Choose FastPrintStar for your fanny packs?

  • Top-notch Quality: They use durable material to build exceptional fanny packs that can handle your daily adventures. Plus, with multiple compartments, you’ll have plenty of space to organize all your essentials.
  • A Rainbow of Choices: Unleash your creativity with their wide range of printing options! Choose from a variety of colors and designs to create a custom fanny pack that reflects your unique style. With over 20 colors to pick from, you’re sure to find the perfect shade to match your personality.
  • Bulk Orders Made Easy: Need fanny packs for a special event or team outing? No problem! FastPrintStar offers competitive prices on bulk orders, making them the perfect choice for event souvenirs.

At FastPrintStar, making your ordering process a breeze is their priority. Their flexible system allows you to create your dream fanny pack with ease.

They also offer a 24-hour turnaround on printing, so you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on your new favorite accessory. Plus, enjoy free delivery on orders with a 12-16 business day turnaround – that’s right, they ship globally, so distance is not an obstacle!

Just tell them what you have in mind, and we’ll make it happen!

Head over to FastPrintStar today to design your dream fanny pack! Whether you’re looking for custom neon fanny packs, custom logo fanny packs, custom embroidered fanny packs, or anything else, they have got you covered.


Fanny packs aren’t just back, they’re better than ever. They’re stylish, functional, and the perfect way to express yourself.

 Hence the reason you should capture the different ways to Wear and style them. Check the list of fanny pack styles above and often choose the one that suits your needs, outfit, and mood at a time.

From the classic fanny pack style to being a waist cincher, there’s a Fanny pack style for every occasion.

Start rocking your fanny packs in a world of comfort and style!

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