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What Are Wristbands for And How to Use Them?

What are wristbands for

What is a Wristband?

Wristbands are among the most adaptable and multifunctional customizable products. They are often used for a wide range of activities and purposes. You may have heard them referred to as bracelets because they also serve as ornamentals.

They also come in different colors, sizes, forms, and materials. This makes room for the production of custom wristband. Their practicality has made some aspects of our daily lives easier.

In this article, you will discover the various scenarios where your wristband can be used effectively. You will also get ideas on how to rock wristbands to make a fashion statement.  Read on to unveil new ideas.

Practical Ways to Use Wristbands

Below are a number of realistic ways people put wristbands to use.

Wristband for Marketing and Advertising

You would be right to refer to custom cloth wristbands as walking billboards. Companies use them to market their businesses and services. How achievable can this be, you may wonder? One of the physical features of a wristband is space. The circular accessories have enough space for the customization of brand logos and designs. Hence, business owners leverage this to have custom wristbands display their brands’ logos.

Branded Wristbands

Gifting your customers is another way to build trust, leaving a lasting impression about your services. You can also gift your customers custom beach towels, keychains, etc. As long as your customized wristbands are captivating, customers will get stirred to put them on often. Relax as your customers advertise your business for you, landing it in front of a larger audience.

Custom Medical Wristbands

They also often function as patient identification wristbands in hospitals. The fusion of wristbands into the medical system is a tactic to ensure that patients receive the proper treatments and attention needed for their ailments.

There are cases whereby many health professionals would have to treat one patient. In this case, the identity and health history of such a patient have to be handy to avoid maladministration.

Patient identification wristbands are always made of wear-resistant materials like the custom silicone wristbands. This material can last for as long as needed.

Basic information such as the patient’s name, and blood type are physically displayed on bands.

Custom Medical Wristbands

They also have the date of admission and date of birth displayed. Doctors can access other specific health info like allergies with the help of a barcode RFID wristband.

However, custom medical wristbands enhance the efficiency of health professionals. They also help keep patients safe.

Identification Wristband

Using a customized wristband to identify things and people is one of the common practical ways.  It is most effective in places that pulls crowd, like festivals, parks, school excursions, and events generally.

You can use different designs of customized wristbands to create categories of customers and guests.  You can also differentiate them by the color of the wristband. The identification wristbands can be used to spot participants who have paid for a concert.

Custom Wristbands for Enents

This will help you know who to treat preferentially and who not to. As an event organizer, you can also use them to identify the VIP guests from the regular. Custom lanyards can be combined with the identification wristbands for this purpose.

Security Wristbands

Another important yet practical way is to intensify security in companies and outdoor or large events. Choosing customized wristbands as a tool to enhance security is a clever choice to make. This is because security wristband is available in various technological and manual features. Some of these features are listed below:

Custom Security Wristbands
  • Wristband Lock:  You can have this with the custom fabric festival wristbands. The wristband lock could be in the form of an adjuster to help lock the wristband on the wearer’s wrist.
  • Light Reactive Wristband: You will find these in night gatherings like clubs and festivals as custom nightclub wristbands. They are often called glow-in-the-dark wristbands as they emit bright glowy colours activated by lighting in the dark.
  • RFID Wristband – RFID can be most effective in situations where you need to track kids. The RFID can be infused in wristbands and worn for kids in large gatherings. This technology has a reader that will alert you if anyone tries to pull the wristband off the kid. Some people also print barcodes on wristbands to validate security.

Depending on how tight you want the security at your event to be, above are different features that can be infused in your wristband to foster security.

Custom Event Wristband for Crowd Management

Custom Event Wristbands

Yes, it is possible to control crowds in events with custom event wristbands. In situations where you have to operate by the capacity rules of a rented venue, you will be left with no option but to control the number of guests.

A practical way to do this is to number your custom wristband or print wristbands for the exact number of guests registered. You should have kept a record of registered guests to be sure of the number. Keeping the record will also help in giving out the wristbands to the right persons.

Personalized party wristbands can also be used to ensure that your guests are strictly invited with the wristbands. The custom cloth event wristband is an excellent choice for a party like weddings.

Custom Charity Wristbands for Fundraising and Awareness

The eco-friendly or silicone wristbands are the best for creating awareness for global and health-related issues.  like climate change, cancer, poverty eradication, AIDS prevention, and many more.

Custom Charity Wristbands

Customizing these wristbands with catchy statements and designs will attract people’s attention. It will also educate them about the problem.  People tend to support what they are aware of and can make financial donations towards them. All that needs to be done is to make your custom wristband as attractive as possible, with colorful statements and logos to educate people. 

Wristband for Contactless Payment

One area of our everyday life that has benefited from the RFID technology with wristbands is cash management and payment processing. Attendees at the event can use their RFID personalized event wristbands, which are attached to a credit card, to make purchases. With only a tap, they can get some roadside snacks and drinks.

Style Your Wristband to Make A Fashion Statement

It’s easy to make a fashion statement with a wristband, especially with a firm like Fastprintstar. Fastprintstar has wristband craftsmen who can help you design your own wristband. None of your personalized fashion ideas will be left out.

They produce different wristband styles with durable quality materials. Since they have an easy-to-use web interface, you can easily communicate your ideal fashion sense to them.  They will bring your fashion to life on your customized wristbands.

Personalized wristbands to make a fashion statement could be displaying a favourite word or quote.

You can also design a nickname or symbolic images on them. There are various colours and printing styles available to pick from, just be careful to pick the colours that would match your outfits.

Personalized wristbands

Another way to style these custom bracelets is by stacking them up. You can wear more than one at once.

In case you are not the stacking-up type, you can order as little as one custom bracelet on Fastprintstar. It would be delivered to you from anywhere around the world.

Additionally, you can combine your custom bracelets with other accessories. People often combine it with a wristwatch when on a formal outfit. Since they come in many stylish colors and designs, these accessories can enhance or complement your overall look.

FastPrintStar also designs wristbands for companies and businesses as a tool for advertisement. They are also good at manufacturing wristbands in bulk for custom party wristbands.  Reach out to them from anywhere around the world for cheap wristbands in bulk for health awareness and fundraising.

FastPrintStar is a custom wristband maker that is very fast and reliable. A free artwork design will be emailed to you within 12 hours for confirmation. Their communication service is top-notch as you can reach them anytime. Be sure to be carried along every step of the way. They work with trusted and reputable shipping firms like DHL for fast shipping. Your custom wristbands will be delivered in time and without damage.

When it comes to attractive custom accessories like bucket hats, Bandanas, and fans, Fast Print Star is always here for you! So just feel free to contact their team anytime.


Wristbands have a limitless number of applications. Even as an event tool, it improves the security and identification of various groups of guests. Aside from being an event tool, you can also use them to raise funds for initiatives and promote awareness of global issues.

The incorporation of technology into wristbands has also helped to strengthen security, among other things discussed above.

Finally,  you can design your own wristbands to make fashion statements. People will get a positive opinion of you if you wear personalized bracelets with your favourite quotes or symbols on them. You can style them by stacking them or combining them with other accessories to enhance your outfit.

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