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How to Wear a Scarf: 23 Ways to Style It

How to Wear a Scarf

What is a Scarf?

A scarf is a clothing accessory that is generally much longer than it is wide like a muffler, but not exactly. They differ in size and sometimes can even be rectangular or triangular.

Commonly constructed of silk, fleece and polyester, some people see it as only a staple to be wrapped around the neck during cold weather. Of course, there are scarves meant to provide warmth, which tend to be thick and made of wool, similar to custom knitted scarves.

It is fascinating to know that a scarf is a unisex accessory serving both sexes for practical and fashion purposes, especially when you go for custom scarves. However, there are varieties of scarves for you at FastPrintStar, ranging from the custom knit scarf and custom printed scarf to custom fleece scarf.

What are the Uses of Scarves?

Simple as they look, there are many benefits attached to scarves, and their uses are endless. Let’s examine some of these possibilities.

While scarves play a role in improving comfort, it also add some glamour to your outfits. This is accomplished either through complementary colours or the vibrant display of prints and patterns when they are custom-printed scarves.

What are the Uses of Scarves

Scarves can also be used to identify peoples’ religion and status. Muslim females are known for always covering their heads with either scarves or hijabs. While males like imams wrap scarves on their heads to form a turban, especially on special occasions. Likewise, some Christian doctrines use customised scarves of different colors to identify their clergies, chaplains and leaders.

Additionally, as a football fan, you can also support and represent your favorite club with custom scarves with logo of your club printed all over them. People also use a custom bandana for this purpose. Custom scarves can also be used to replace lanyards to identify a team of kids who are going for an excursion or other activities.

How to Tie a Scarf?

Scarves are the epitome of versatility! They can be tied in a thousand ways regardless of the shape type or material you have. Although limited, another staple that can also be styled in several ways like a scarf is the neck gaiters.

Scarves can be tied on different body parts such as the neck, head, shoulders and even waist to meet both practical and fashion needs. Furthermore, there are different styling patterns for each body part; each of which is capable of altering your appearance and elevating your outfits like what the custom corporate scarves will do.

23 Ways to Style a Scarf

Whether the majority of your scarf collection is custom winter scarves, fleece or custom polyester scarves, pick them up to explore their different styling ways.

Styling as Head Ties:

Styling scarves on the head are associated with females. The custom design scarves or custom ladies’ scarves are ideal for these styles.

1. Babushka

An elegant way to protect your hair from the breeze on the beach is to wear a babushka. It can also help to conceal your identity. If your scarf is rectangular, fold it into a triangle; if it’s long and thin, there’s no need to fold it. The next thing is to position it on your head and make a knot below your chin instead of tying it backward.

Low and up bun

2. Low and Up Bun

A bun is that style that gives you a classy and chic look. Tying a low bun is to make your bun at the back, while the up bun faces the front. To get started, get a triangular scarf or a lengthy, wide scarf. Place on your head and knot at the back; form a thick knot by tying twice. For the up bun, your knotting will be at the front.

Roll each of the two strands around the knot. Ensure you roll tightly and tuck in every excess under the knot or the bun.

3. The Rosie

The Rosie style is quite straightforward when using the muffler kind of scarf but of reasonable length. Place your scarf on your head from the back, in such a way that the centre of your head is opened. Knot tightly in front of your head on the crownline. If the excesses are still bulky, you can use them to form a bow, and if not, hide them under the knot and you have on you a Rosie scarf style.

The Rosie
Rosette style

4. Rosette Style

For the rosette style, also place your scarf on your head, but this time, you will have to spread the width to cover the centre of your head. Then make a thick knot in front of your head and to any angle you want it to face. Lastly, make a large twist with the two loose ends and roll neatly and tightly around the thick knot. You will look like a baby girl!

Styling as Neck and Waist Ties:

The neck and waist styles are easy and best to rock your custom sports scarves or custom soccer scarves.

5. Drapes

Drapes are one of the simplest neck scarf styles.  For the simple drape, you are required to hang a scarf around your neck and leave the two sides dangling. You can also style it the other way around, where the two dangling sides are at the back.

Belted Drape

6. Belted Drape

You can also step up your outfit by placing a belt on the simple drapes facing the front and adjusting to fit.

7. Neckerchief Drape

The neckerchief drape is easily styled with a rectangular scarf. To style this, fold your scarf diagonally to form a triangle and hang over your neck, making the triangle drop over your chest. You can now decide to knot the loose ends at the back or sides.

Neckerchief Drape

8. Neck-Tie

This style is the same as knotting a tie, but with a scarf. The first thing is to drape your scarf around your neck ensuring that one end is longer than the other. Pass the longer one over the shorter one from behind to create a loop. Still the longer end, flip it up into the loop and adjust appropriately like a necktie.

9. Loop

Another way to wear a scarf on your neck is by looping it. Firstly, drape your scarf around your neck and roll each loose end around your neck. Roll each twice and leave to dangle. You can also choose to knot the loose ends after looping.


10. Knot

Styling your scarves to form knots is simply draping your scarf and tying it. You can decide to form double knots by tying twice or knot as often as you wish.

11. Loop-knot

The most fashionable knot style is created by folding your long scarf into halves and hanging a single piece around your neck. At this point you have two loose ends forming one tail, and one closed end with a loop. You want to pull the single tail through the closed end and make the tail dangle over your chest.

Loop and Knot

12. Loop and Knot

To wear your scarf in this style, drape your scarf and make one end shorter than the other. Then, roll the longer end around your once or  twice according to your desired length to create the loop. Lastly, tie the excess of the looped end with the shorter end to form the knot.

13. Bows

To wear bow scarves on your neck, position the scarf on your neck and knot loosely. Then tie it neatly to form a bow like you would with your shoelaces.

Faux Infinity

14. Faux Infinity

Faux Infinity is that neck scarf style that gives you a luxurious look. To wear your scarf like this, tie the extreme ends of your scarf together to create a wide circle. Wear the circle over your head twice and make the curves fall.

15. Cowl

An ideal style to keep you warm. To wear a cowl, hang your scarf around the neck and draw to make one end significantly shorter than the other. Lastly, roll the longer end around your neck twice and hide the excess under your dress.

Chain Knot

16. Chain Knot

To chain knot your scarf, hang it around your neck and tie it repeatedly for about three to four times depending on your desired length. As you tie to form knots, ensure that there are enough spaces in between the knots to appropriately form the chain.

17. Turtle Neck

You can transform your scarves into a turtle neck staple that completely covers your neck. To achieve this, wrap your scarf firmly around your neck as many times as you wish and knot the remains to face any side, either from the back or side. You could even create a bow with the excess.

Turtle neck
Braided Scarf

18. Braided Scarf

To braid your scarf, drape it over your neck making the two ends dangle at the back. Then, cross the two loose ends at the back and bring them forward to fall over your shoulder. Next, slack the circular part of the scarf at the front to drop. Ensure that the end of the circular drop is of equal length with the other two loose ends. Now, twist the dropping circle in the middle to form a figure eight. Lastly, put the hanging ends through the lower loop of Figure eight and adjust to make it firm to the neck.

19. Belted

Scarves can also be styled to be an improvised belt or solely to display your sense of fashion. Feel free to dangle loose ends if you want.


Styling as Shoulder Styles:

You can boldly display your customised scarves with logos with these shoulder styles.

The shoulder wrap

20.  The Shoulder Wrap

Shoulder scarf wrap is styled by spreading out the body of your scarf and covering your shoulders with it. Support the scarf with the back of your neck to keep it in place, and you can decide to tie the extreme ends.

21. Brooch Pin Style

Get a bold and fancy brooch pin and wrap yourself with your scarf. Ensure it covers both shoulders and then pin the two edges with the brooch on one shoulder.

Brooch pin style
Slanty wrap

22. Slanty wrap

You can always use your brooch pin for this style too. All you need do is place your scarf diagonally from the top of one shoulder and pin it underneath the second shoulder, on the hip.

23. Pashmina wrap

To style your scarf into a pashmina wrap, fold one of the edges. Depending on the width of your scarf, you can fold it into half or quarter and wrap it around your shoulder like a shawl. Once this is done, you can choose to knot by the side.

Pashmina wrap

Where to Order Custom-Made Scarves Online?

Now that you can confidently style your scarves in many ways, owning one or more scarves shouldn’t be a problem. You can order as many as 1-1000 custom scarves at FastPrintStar from anywhere around the world.

At FastPrintStar, you can get customized scarves of different colors, prints and designs that will be peculiar to just you or your team, if they are custom team scarves. You can also request a mock-up design if you need help putting your ideas together; FastPrintStar will do this for free.

FastPrintStar offers custom scarves in different materials and printing techniques. A reliable firm for custom products and branding. Place your order now and have 57×7 custom scarves with fringe delivered to your doorstep.


A scarf represents different things to different people. Some people use it as a tool to showcase their status and some to promote their brands and favourite clubs. To another set of people, it is a mandatory clothing accessory to practise their religion.

Beyond these uses, a scarf is a versatile tool that can be used to express your sense of fashion. As stated above, they can be worn on the neck, head, shoulders and waist with several styling possibilities. Do not hesitate to explore with your scarves!

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