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How To Wear a Neck Gaiter: 13 Ways to Style It

how to wear a neck gaiter

What Are Neck Gaiters?

Neck gaiters, commonly referred to as neck warmers, are a type of multifunctional accessory designed in the form of a tube. They are often produced in different colours and materials which you can use in making custom neck gaiters.

The basic body parts covered by neck gaiters are the neck, mouth and face. You can use them to shield the mentioned body areas from harsh weather, pesky insects, flying debris and sand.

Neck gaiters are loose-fitted, mobile and cozy, distinguishing them from other forms of wear. Most neck gaiters are also stretchy making it fit for different head sizes. The stretchy nature allows easy styling of the accessory to be used as multiple items. They’re beyond warming your necks!

Read further to see the various ways to style your neck gaiters to maximize their effectiveness.

How to Wear a Neck Gaiter

A neck gaiter is one of the easiest outdoor accessories to wear. To wear a neck gaiter in its most basic form as a neck warmer, you will have to pull it down through your face for it to be positioned around your neck, just wrap it around your neck like a scarf.

If you want to get a face mask, all you have to do is pull the two sides of the tube over your head. Drag the tube facing your chin upward to grip the chin for more firmness.

neck gaiter and face mask

These are two common ways of wearing a neck gaiter. They are a simple way to stay warm and stylish. Wearing the neck gaiter as a neckerchief or face mask shields your neck and face against sunburn, and cold on cool days.

You can also tuck in the lower part of the tube into your dress or tops through the collar. This will give you an overall smart look. Just like you do with bandanas and bucket hats, you can rock your neck gaiters in multiple ways.

Effective Ways to Style Your Neck Gaiter

Aside from using a neck gaiter as a neckerchief, you can also rock it in several styling ways. In addition to being stylish, these methods are highly beneficial and can come in handy in certain seasons, and environments and even as accessories.

Style Neck Gaiter to Shield Against Weather

● Hood


For maximum protection especially against cold weather, the hood style of neck gaiters is a thing to try out. Covering your ears during chilly weather goes a long way in helping you stay warm.

To make a hood out of your neck gaiter, pull both tubes over your head to rest on your neckline under your chin like in the case of the neckerchief. The next thing to do is to draw the upper side of the tube from the back of your neck. Draw it over your head to cover your entire head to your forehead leaving your face uncovered.

It will also protect the back of your neck from sunburn, and also give an air-tight fit in windy conditions.

Style Neck Gaiter as Face Shield

● Balaclava


Balaclavas are known for keeping athletes warm and helping them wick heat. They are wind-proof, covering most parts of the face including mouth and nose. It can also protect your face from dust and debris carried by the wind.

To use it, you can easily turn your neck gaiter hood into a balaclava by pulling the upper part below your chin over your mouth and nose, leaving your eyes and some part of your forehead uncovered. Light materials like polyester and nylon are best for this style for breathability.

You can use a custom cooling neck gaiter as a balaclava, especially during a sporting activity.

Style Neck Gaiter as Head Wraps/Cover

● Headbands

head band

You can prevent sweats and hair strands from irritating your eyes during activities by wearing a neck gaiter as a headband.

Just grab the inner layer of your neck tube from the middle, allowing both edges of the neck tube to meet one another. You can do this two to three times to achieve your desired width, and your neck gaiter headband is ready to rock!

Wear the circular accessory around your forehead like a crown and adjust it accordingly for fitting.

You can also style your neck gaiter to become your ideal headband with a custom face gaiter with logo.

● Beanie


A beanie is a compact brimless hat used for keeping the head warm and you can use your neck gaiter to achieve this by simply twisting your gaiter at the centre and folding the other two equal parts into themselves.

This would give you a beanie with two layers. Your beanie can look more stylish with custom gaiters with bold and colourful prints.

● Hat Liner


Your neck gaiter beanie can also be used as a hat liner. The compact nature of the beanie holds the head firmly, keeping your hat in place. Transforming the neck gaiter into a hat liner takes the same process as in the case of the beanie.

All you need to do is to pull back the twisted centre to make your hats stay in place. Hat liners can provide additional warmth and also suck moisture in summer.

● Du rag


Changing your neck gaiter to a du rag is one of the simple styles you want to try out. By pulling the neck gaiter over your head and leaving the other loose end to fall backwards over your neck, you have your du-rag on.

Wearing your neck gaiter as a du rag is also an opportunity to flaunt your custom-printed neck gaiter amidst your folks.

● Saharaine/Foulard

With one more step added to your neck gaiter du-rag, you can make a saharaine/Foulard. Keeping your gaiter du-rag on, you can flaunt your hair in between the loose tube and wrap it around your hair. You can also tuck the extra fabric underneath the firm layer for a smart wrap.

● Pirate


For a secure and firm grip, you can also wear your neck gaiter as a pirate bandana. To style this, tie one end of the neck gaiter to form a knot. This will leave you with one open end. Then pull the opened end over your head from behind your head towards your head crown line.

Style Neck Gaiter as a Fashion Accessory

Aside from how you can style your neck gaiter in wearing it, there are several ways you can also use it for your hair and wrist.

● Hair Band

hair band

To make your neck gaiter like a hair band, all you need to do is to pull your neck gaiter on your hair like the du rag. Then roll the loose end from behind until you attain your desired width. Hair bands are often placed on the hair instead of the forehead like headbands.

● Hair Tie / Ponytails

Hair tie Ponytails

You can also style the aesthetic of your ponytails by pulling your hair through in a neck gaiter. After pulling your hair through, you will continue twisting your neck gaiter until it firmly holds your hair. You can stand out with personalized gaiters as hair ties from Fastprintstar.

● Wristbands


Aside from using a neck gaiter on your head/hair, you can also use it around your wrist. Either as a fashion statement or because you just need a temporary place to keep your gaiter, you can always twist it a few times around your wrist for an instant wristband!

You will find this useful when stepping inside, out of the sun, and somewhere that you no longer need face or neck protection.

Neck Gaiters and Lifestyle

Neck gaiters have gone beyond functionality and have become a part of people’s lifestyles. This is why it is being produced with different materials, designs, and colors.

As sports enthusiasts and socialites, you can opt for the custom neck gaiters that can carry your particular sense of style. You can customize them with your favorite brand logo or your sports team’s logo. This can further give you an exceptional look as you explore various styles with your personalized neck gaiter. Fastprintstar is an expert at customizing attractive neck gaiters. They also deliver comfortable and durable fabrics to suit your preferences.

The Best Neck Gaiter for Travellers

Based on certain personal factors like skin sensitivity, there may be a need for hypoallergenic fabric to avoid skin irritation. In this case, Fastprintstar has the custom fleece neck gaiter to fit this type of customer. They also have the recycled polyester neck gaiter for some of their customers who could be environmentally conscious.

For the fashionistas, Fastprintstar also has you covered. There are over twenty color options for you to pick from. To produce bold prints of your texts and fashion statement, they employ the sublimation printing technique on their custom neck gaiters. All these are in a bid to bring your fashion desires to life. With their timely turnaround time, you cannot be disappointed.

Is your interest piqued and you would love to design your own neck gaiters? Then you should check out Fastprintstar.

At Fastprintstar, you can order unique neck gaiters for your organization, event, or team from anywhere in the world. You can also order for personalized neck gaiter for personal use as you can order as low as one. Their ordering web page makes it easy for you to upload your logo and a space for easy typing of texts.

If you don’t have a logo yet, you can make a design from several templates available on Canva or start a design from scratch with the help of an expert at Fastprintstar. This help is rendered at no cost, and your designs can be refined as many times as you want until your satisfaction is met.

Reliable customer service has been put in place for easy and fast communication. You can know the progress of your order anytime you wish to as you can reach them through direct calls and email.  

Come and experience quality and affordable custom accessories at Fastprintstar.


With each style of using a neck gaiter, there is a purpose it serves which makes it an all-in-one accessory. While some styles like hood and neckerchief tighten your protection against harsh weather, the balaclava style serves as a face shield.

You can also transform your neck gaiters into head covers by styling them as beanies, Du rag, foulard and many others mentioned above.

These neck gaiter styles are to make it suit your lifestyles and preferences in terms of colour, materials and designs. Most distinguishing, having a customized neck gaiter makes you stand out.

You can practically create your own neck gaiters to suit your preferences and even make a fashion statement.

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