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Ultimate Blanket Size Guide: How Big is A Blanket

How Big is A Blanket

Custom blankets have been cited as an arbiter of comfort, luxury, and functionality, and an exemplary piece of relaxation. Our experience is limitless in this age, where we value coziness and an extra layer of warmth in our sleep during cold or hot weather. This reality has led to the ingenious production of different-sized customized blankets to cater to all. However, excessive options are double-edged swords that can simultaneously be a blessing and a curse. This is the reality when choosing the right customized blanket size for your mattress.

Over the years, we’ve seen how challenging it is to make such a decision due to inadequate knowledge and an absence of clarity on the various dimensions of the blankets available. We created this guide to provide everything you need throughout your blanket selection journey, from the different blanket types, sizes, and their appropriate uses.

Standard Blanket Sizes

Standard Blanket Sizes

These multifunctional blankets reinvigorate your bedding in terms of aesthetics, longevity, warmth, and comfort.

Blanket Type

Dimensions (inches)

Dimensions (cm)



66 x 90

168 x 229

Fits a single bed


80 x 90

203 x 229

Fits a full or double bed


90 x 100

229 x 254

Fits a queen bed


108 x 90-100

274 x 229-254

Fits a king bed

A. What is a Twin Size Blanket

Twin-size customized blankets are the smallest you’ll find in this category. This type of blanket is perfect for twin-size and twin XL-sized beds. Measured at 66×90 inches, a twin-size blanket is good enough to cater to single-sleepers only. Ultimately, this is the best for your children’s bedroom which you can adorn with a custom superhero blanket, dorm room, and guest bedroom together with a defined custom square pillowcase.

B. What size is a Full/Double Size Blanket

Full/double size blanket is a dual-purpose variant made for full mattresses but can also fit in for queen-size mattresses. Most people have termed this custom blanket as the magical one that can be used anyhow you like it. Full/Double-size customized blanket is measured 80×90 inches, making it a comfortable fit for the guestroom or shared space with a double sized bed.

C. What is a Queen Size Blanket

You can’t go wrong choosing a queen-size customized blanket for your bedding and other activities. This is the hallmark of blankets that gives you complete coverage and still offers the extra drape on all sides. The queen-size blanket is 90×100 inches, making it the perfect size for a queen-size mattress, with the generous inclusion of beautiful extras akin to a hotel-styled look. However, various schools of thought support the applicability of queen-size blankets in king and full/double-sized beds. There is no problem trying them out on king and double-size beds; in as much you are ready to maintain the drapes so as not to touch the floor.

D. How Big is a King Size Blanket

A king-size blanket is the perfect choice for couples who love to spread about and enjoy their bed’s complete luxury and spaciousness. A king-size mattress is usually 108 inches wide and 90 to 100 inches long. This luxurious dimension offers you full coverage like never before. The usefulness of customized king-size blankets cuts across various scopes, making it ideal for all types of sleepers. For instance, tall sleepers who want more legroom would find it pleasing to use, while couples needing extra coverage for a unique sleeping experience would be in love with a customized couple blanket that is also a variant of this.

Standard Blanket Sizes Chart

Standard Blanket Sizes Chart

Specialty Blanket Sizes

Besides the functionality attached to custom blankets, they are your favorite companion for decoration, comfort, and warmth. Specialty blankets come in various sizes that serve multiple purposes in our lives. In the following table, let’s delve into the different types of specialty blankets and sizes.

Specialty Blanket Sizes

Blanket Type

Dimensions (cm)

Dimensions (in)


Throw Blanket

127 x 152

50 x 60

Decorative blanket for sofas, chairs, or laps

Baby Blanket

76 x 102

30 x 40

For infants and toddlers

Oversized/California Blanket

264 x 274

104 x 108

Covers a California King bed or provides ample space for two

Muslin Blanket

76 x 76

30 x 30

Lightweight and breathable, ideal for swaddling or hot weather

Travel Blanket

152 x 183

60 x 72

Compact and portable for travel

Afghan Blanket

127 x 165

50 x 65

Decorative blanket with intricate crocheted or knitted designs

Snuggle Blanket

102 x 152

40 x 60

Soft and cozy for lounging or watching TV

Receiving Blanket

76 x 76

30 x 30

Soft and lightweight for wrapping newborns

Electric Blanket



Provides warmth with built-in heating elements

Weighted Blanket

114 x 183

45 x 72

Uses deep pressure stimulation for relaxation and anxiety relief

A. How Big is a Throw Blanket

How Big is a Throw Blanket

Custom throw blankets assume the role of the most versatile fashionista in this category. It’s common to find one or two throw blankets in people’s living rooms as decorative and functional pieces. A throw blanket is a great option to wrap on your lap while reading or watching movies, at the same time, add a decorative layer to your bedding. A standard throw blanket is 50 inches wide and 60 inches long (50×60 inches), making it an all-purpose blanket that offers compactness and multidimensional usage.

B. How Big is a Baby Blanket

How Big is a Baby Blanket

You can’t do without a custom baby blanket in your home. As the name implies, baby blankets are a safe haven for the little ones, offering them warmth, aesthetics and security. The customizable option for a baby blanket with colorful prints, cartoon symbols, and classic stripes ensures this blanket stands as the hallmark of love and care for babies. The baby blanket measures 30 x 40 inches in dimension, providing a comforting embrace of the womb with outstanding styles such as customized baby blanket with picture.

C. What Size is an Oversized/California King Blankets

What size is an OversizedCalifornia King Blankets

California king blanket is your best choice if you are looking for the perfect customized blanket with logo, pictures, name for your extra-large bed. Everyone regards this blanket because of its all-encompassing size and designs, making it an excellent addition to bedding and a good choice for expansive picnics and movie nights with your loved ones. An oversized California king blanket measures 104 inches in length by 108 inches in width.

D. What Size are Muslin Blankets

What size are Muslin Blankets

Customized Muslin blankets are wonderful invention that most people revere for their breathability and lightweight characteristics. Muslin blanket is another great choice for swaddling babies in hot weather. They are also great options for makeshift play mats, burp cloths, nursing covers, and others. The customized muslin blanket’s dimensions are 30 inches long by 30 inches wide, showcasing its immaculate usability.

E. How Big is a Travel Blanket

How Big is a Travel Blanket

This is excellent for road trips, camping, and air travel. As the name implies, a custom printed travel blanket is an essential addition for every globetrotter who craves comfort wherever they go. Measured 60×72 inches, the travel blanket offers unrivaled flexibility, making it easier to fold up and keep in your backpack.

F. What Size is the Afghan Blanket

What Size is the Afghan Blanket

Afghan blankets are intricate beauties or highly cherished heirlooms that offer lasting memories of your history. Custom print afghan blanket showcases the fusion of retro and contemporary style patterns and handmade designs by artisans. This 50 by 65 inches blanket is a perfectly functional and decorative blanket that can transform your space into a cozy haven.  

G. How Big is Snuggle Blanket

How Big is Snuggle Blanket

The customized snuggle blanket’s plush appearance makes it essential for ultimate relaxation for all. This can be classified as a custom fleece blanket or microfiber fabric blanket going by its manufacturing components, making custom made snuggle blankets a suitable choice for your comfort and melt away your worries. With a 40×60-inch dimension, the snuggle blanket is perfect for your indoor movie date, reading, and other sweet experiences.

H. How Big is Receiving Blanket

How Big is Receiving Blanket

The gentle feel of a customized receiving blanket makes it a perfect choice to wrap newborn babies. The receiving blanket is a highly cherished cotton fabric blanket that can be custom printed to your taste. The fabric component used in manufacturing receiving blanket has endeared it into the hospital delivery wards for security and warmth. Measured 30×30 inches, the receiving blanket has a perfect dimension to carry the scent of love and the memory of a new life beginning.

J. Electric Blankets

Electric Blankets

Customized electric blanket is an exquisite invention that provides warmth with the flick of a switch. The working mechanism of the custom made electric blanket includes an embedded heating element that is adjustable to your specifications. An electric blanket is made with ingenious designs and comes in various dimensions based on your needs and specifications. For safety precautions, you should always keep an electric blanket away from children and never place another blanket on top of an electric blanket.

K. Weighted Blankets

Weighted Blankets

Customized weighted blanket is another innovative way of showcasing the detail that goes into blanket customization. A weighted blanket is a beautiful piece that offers you a sense of deep stimulation and hug-like sensations. This feature has made customized weighted blanket a popular choice among many who have difficulty in their sleep and also need an alternative way to manage anxiety. Custom weighted blanket comes in various sizes that caters for each individual’s specifications.

Specialty Blanket Sizes Chart

Specialty Blanket Sizes Chart

Factors to Consider When Choosing Blanket Size

How to Choose Blanket Size

A. Personal preferences and sleep habits

Your preference and sleep habits are the most important considerations when choosing a blanket size. Consider a customized king-size blanket if you are a solo sleeper who loves to enjoy total comfort alone. On the other hand, a queen or king-size blanket is the perfect choice for cuddling couples who intend to enjoy the sweetness of shared comfort.

Choosing the right blanket should reign supreme in another dimension where you come about as a cold or hot sleeper. As a cold sleeper who can easily get cold during the night, your choice of blanket should be made from wool and fleece that offers you much-needed warmth. This is not the case with a hot sleeper who runs excessive body temperature at night. As a hot sleeper, you should look for custom print cotton blankets that are lightweight.

B. Room temperature and climate considerations

Choosing custom made blanket that corresponds with your room temperature and climate considerations is essential. You can comply with this by selecting lighter and breathable blankets during the hot summer while switching to the thick layered blanket during the cold winter.

C. Blanket materials and thickness impact on size choice

It would be wrong to underestimate the influence of blanket materials on your choice. Blanket materials range from bamboo, wool, cotton, fleece, and microfiber. These material fixtures have a say on the warmth, durability, and texture you can derive from your choosing blanket. For a custom hypoallergenic blanket you should try out microfiber, wool, and silk material. At the same time, a custom wool or fleece blanket should be your go-to option for a cozy feeling.

Where to Purchase Your Perfect Blanket

Fastprintstar is your best shot at getting that unique, high-quality personalized blanket that exudes your style and gives you a closer sense of attachment. With our innovative and technology-driven mode of operation, Fastprintstar ensures your custom blankets are made from premium flannel materials and have a design process that embraces your creative ideas and thinking.

As a customer-centric custom blanket maker, Fastprinstar offers unrivaled blanket purchasing experiences like fast turnaround, no minimum order policy, free shipping, and other advantages listed below.

  • Endless Personalization: Unleash your creativity with 100% customizable blankets tailored to your unique preferences.
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  • Free Personalization: Enjoy the freedom to express yourself with our 100% free customization services—because your personal style deserves the best.
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The fact that customized blankets have crept into our everyday lives is a testament to their importance in comfort and beauty. Made from various materials, blankets have been iterated from the well-known standard categories to more specialized ones ranging from throw blankets to electric ones. This level of ingenuity has made blanket an integral component for all, regardless of what you plan to accomplish. However, there is an endemic sense of misjudgment from people who need help to get blanket sizes right. Blankets are in various dimensions ranging from the oversized or California king size to the smaller baby blanket. Ultimately, understanding these blankets’ dimensions will help you make the most of your blanket selection process.

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