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How to Choose and Clean Pillow Cases

How to Choose the Right Pillowcase

Most of us have been overly fixated on our pillows. We care about pillow softness, shapes, and other things. Although there is no sin to be focused on your pillow, have you ever thought of what goes over the pillow? A custom pillowcase is an underestimated fabric that is vital to your sleep quality. The role of custom pillow cases can be likened to a conductor that allows you to enjoy the ambiance that the pillow provides. Over the years, the underlying process of choosing and cleaning pillowcases has been eroded with misconceptions. Most people get it wrong when choosing the right customize pillowcase size, the suitable  pillowcase that serves the purpose they want, etc.

Another thing is the poor process of cleaning  pillow cases. This emanates from the wrong stain removal, washing, and drying techniques. These are the basis upon which we create this guide to help you navigate the world of pillow cases.

How to Choose the Right Pillowcase

It’s not ideal to lump the process of choosing your pillowcase together with pillows. Pillows and pillow cases are standalone entities that must be selected based on different factors. A custom pillowcase has long been an essential component of a good sleeping experience. This reality has led to a concise effort by people to make them in different materials, sizes, and other materials. You must take into consideration the following factors when choosing a suitable pillowcase. 

1. Types of Pillowcase Materials

Custom pillowcases are made in different varieties of materials. These materials range from cotton, silk, linen, etc. Here at FastPrintStar, we provide customized pillowcases in any of the materials you choose from listed above.

● Cotton

Cotton Pillowcases

This is the most prominent pillowcase material. Cotton is exceptionally breathable and lightweight to provide a quality sleeping experience.

● Silk

Silk Pillowcases

This is an excellent choice for people looking for a customized pillowcase with zero frizz or friction. Silk pillowcase material is also breathable, beneficial, and more durable than any other material. It is also an excellent choice for reducing hair frizz for people with long hair. At FastPrintStar, we suggest this material to anyone looking to customize a square pillowcase.

● Linen

Linen Pillowcases

Linen material is another impressive option known for its durability and crispy nature. The underside of linen material is the rough texture that might not be a good fit for everyone.

2. Consider the Thread Count and Impact Your Sleep Quality.

Thread count is just as crucial as the pillowcase materials you are choosing. Thread count is the number of threads woven together per square inch of the pillowcase material. The idea behind thread count is to select a pillowcase material with a higher thread count. Most people even believe you should target material with thread counts between 400 and 600. However, this might not be the case in most cases. You might even select pillowcase materials with higher thread count but still lack the requisite component that makes you sleep well. What you should target is too foxy on the weave type. Ensure your pillowcase materials are percale or sateen woven, and most importantly, know what works best for you.

How to Choose the Right Pillowcase Sizes and Styles

Pillowcase Size Chart

After getting the pillowcase materials and thread counts right, your next stop should be choosing the right size and style. Choosing the right pillowcase size and style is not as tricky as it might seem. What’s only required is how you embrace the fundamentals. Custom pillowcase sizes and styles are in various categories. We have the standard, body, king size, and others.

● Pillowcase Sizes

Custom printed pillowcase comes in various sizes ranging from standard to body and specialized sizes. However, a standard pillowcase measuring 20×26 inches is the most sought-after one. Most people love this size due to its flexibility and applicability to various bed sizes. We understand the importance of flexibility in having different varieties of sizes. This is the basis upon which we create our custom pillowcases in many different sizes for customers to choose from. If you want to know more about how to choose the right pillowcase size, please find our blog page for details in another post.

● Pillowcase Style

This is another important part that deals with your style and design preference. Pillowcase styles should match the aesthetics of your bedroom. This is where you have to input every detail that exudes your personality. Pillowcase style comes in customized forms, plain and classic. No one can underestimate the beauty that comes with a personalized pillowcase that showcases your imagination. This is why we recommend a customized square pillowcase that comes in your favorite color, printing type, and, most importantly, design idea.

What Kind of Pillowcase Material is Best for Hair?

What Kind of Pillowcase Material is Best for Hair

The idea behind choosing pillowcase for only sleep quality is not that tenable again. The reason is based on the research findings that link pillowcase materials to hair health. Do you know that a poor-quality pillowcase material can lead to hair loss and breakage? This is the extent to which pillow cases are becoming increasingly crucial to your hair health and appearance. There are some essential qualities that you have to consider before choosing pillowcase materials for your hair. Let’s look at some pillowcase materials and how they benefit your hair.

1. Silk.

Silk materials are highly beneficial to your hair due to their natural smoothness and soft texture that minimize hair frizz and breakage.

One thing you can not take away from this material type is its moisture retention properties. This is a perfect way to retain natural oil and hydration in your hair. When you choose a silk pillowcase material, you can rest assured of less dryness and healthy hair. You can check out FastPrintStar custom square pillowcases available in silk materials.  

2. Satin

Satin is another popular alternative to silk materials. It also has moisture retention properties at a certain level. It also belongs to the friction reduction category. However, satin pillowcase materials can not retain moisture, making your hair more appealing than silk materials.

How to Clean Pillowcase

How to Clean Pillowcase

Keeping your pillowcase clean is as important as the rest of your bedding. Remember, pillow cases are like the sanctuary of sleep that sets the pace of your sleep quality. Keeping your pillowcase free of sweat, stains, dead cells, dust mites, and other dirt is vital to your hygiene. The following are the key processes you can implement to clean your pillowcase.

  • Always read the pillowcase label for specific cleaning instructions. Ensure you read the label and keep to the particular cleaning requirements stated.  
  • After removing the pillowcase from the pillow, turn it inside out to spread the water quickly and clean the solution.  
  • Opt for a cook or lukewarm water. This is also material-specific because you can not use such water for some. That’s why you have to read the label on your pillowcase to see the recommended water you can use for cleaning.
  • Use a good quality mild detergent. Harsh detergent can have a damaging effect on your pillowcase. So, avoid it at all costs.
  • For stain removal, consider using baking soda and water mix. These two are better options compared to chemical stain removal in the market.
  • You should air-dry your pillowcase if possible. Although this is the best option, tumble drying them can be an alternative if necessary. If you intend to tumble dry your pillowcase, ensure you choose the lowest heat to prevent shrinkage.

How to Wash Silk Pillowcases

How to Wash Silk Pillowcases

The delicate nature of silk is a pressing concern for most people who have tried to wash it. The mistake most people make is trying to subject silk pillowcase materials to the same conventional cleaning methods. The following are the tips on how to wash silk pillowcase.

  • Like the general method, you must review the label’s recommended cleaning instructions. Most silk materials can be cleaned by hand, and some less delicate can be washed using the machine.
  • Check for stains on the pillowcase. If there is a stain, mix detergent with water and put it on it. Let the detergent sip in for 10 to 15 minutes to weaken the stain grip on the pillowcase.
  • After that little pretreatment, you can start washing. Washing silk pillow cases in a machine is quite different from washing them by hand. If you are handwashing, mix one tablespoon of laundry detergent with cold water inside the wash basin. And pass the silk pillowcase softly without harsh twisting and wrangling. On the other hand, if you are washing with the machine. Put the silk pillowcase in a laundry bag to prevent creases and wrinkles. Ensure you set your machine to delicate with just cold water.
  • The best way to dry silk pillowcases is to take them far away from direct sunlight. Do not make that mistake. If you are in a hurry, you can tumble dry your pillowcase under low heat.

Choosing The Right Pillowcase with FastPrintStar

FastPrintStar has become an enigma in the manufacturing and designing of custom pillow cases in various sizes ranging from 12x12in to 20x20in. We understand that your pillowcase is crucial to your sleep quality and hair health. Hence, we bring you the sheer fun of customization, aesthetics, and comfort.

  • Unlike other print-on-demand production companies, we let your ideas come to life with our 100% customization option. This means we give you the ultimate power to upload your designs or photos for free, and we bring your ideas to life.
  • Our professional design team embraces cutting-edge customization processes and unrivaled attention to detail.

FastPrintStar offers you the lowest price guaranteed on every purchase. We utilize a unique MOQ model that allows you to enjoy a tiered pricing discount on your purchase.


All in all, choosing a suitable pillowcase and having it cleaned is a covenant that you have with your sleep. It’s non negotiable. With the various sizes, styles, and care recommendations for pillowcase materials, it can become challenging to determine which one works for you. However, by going through the necessary tips in this article, you will select the best pillowcase for your sleep and hair health and choose the best care and cleaning method to enjoy your pillowcase without wrinkles or damage.

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