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What Do Different Color Bandanas Mean?

Different Color Bandanas Mean

Many people across different countries and ethnicities have used and embraced custom bandanas. When it came out centuries ago, people wore custom print bandanas on their heads and necks to protect themselves from dust and sun. As it expanded to different countries and continents, different colors of customized bandanas symbolized different meanings. In the last few years, it has become a trendy item.

Nowadays, we use custom bandanas as a fashion accessory. Many people add it to their outfits in different possible stylish ways (For more details, please see our blog about how to wear a bandana). It is almost impossible for any fashion lover to own at least one bandana.

These simple clothes usually come in different colors, including black, red, blue, and grey. This article will examine the different meanings and symbols of these popular colors of custom bandanas. We will also look at the meaning of different custom color bandanas and the various colors you should avoid when walking on the streets for your safety.

Origin of Colored Bandanas

Origin of Colored Bandanas

We have had custom bandanas since the late 17th century. Bandana’s roots can be traced back to the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The word “bandana” originates from the Hindu word bāṅdhnū. This Hindu word means “to tie.”

Back then, they were made as colorful silk and cotton handkerchiefs. The handkerchiefs were printed from wood carvings and local plant-made dyes. People used them to keep away dust and sweat. They mainly came in reds and blues with white spots.

Custom bandanas made from silks were made with high-quality yarns. In no time, they were everywhere and entered Europe and America between the 18th and 19th centuries. They got to Europe through the Dutch East India Trading Company. Custom bandanas were advertised as women’s shawls. Many Europeans embraced bandanas back then, and the demand increased significantly.

Due to the crazy spike in demand, custom print bandanas soon became expensive. People who used them had a high social status and wealth. As time passed, European manufacturers and printers started to make their own using cheaper resources. Paisley, a Scottish town, was the leader in producing the European version of these shawls.

Common Bandana Colors and Their Meanings

Different bandana color comes with their role and meanings in our fashion repertoire and general put lives. It’s understandable how various individuals, groups, organizations, and others represent their affiliations with a distinct color bandana. Additionally, different color bandana has an intrinsic capability to identify our mood and emotions irrespective of how secretive they are. The following is the list of prominent bandana colors and their meanings.

What Is Red Bandanas Meaning

red bandanas meaning

The red bandana generally signifies passion, energy, strength, and courage. Red stands for luck and prosperity for the Chinese. Wearing a red customized bandana shows that you are strong. It also tells people you are excited and passionate about life. Red bandanas have been popularized as a typical accessory for gangs in the United States. These gangs see this as an integral color code that oozes fear into rival gangs. Over the years, many people have found different ideal uses for a red color bandana that takes it away from the jaw of various popularized gangs. Examples of such use are:

  • Passion and Excitement
  • Defiance and Resistance Movement.
  • Cultural Identity
  • Fashion and Style

Is It Safe to Wear Red Bandana?

Back in the day, you might find yourself in a mess donning a red bandana due to its deep affiliation with top gangs in the United States. We are in a changing world where people are rising against such intimidation and strict law enforcement rules by the feds, providing you a safe passage to wear a red bandana. However, you must be extremely cautious of your neighborhood while wearing a red bandana.

Should You Avoid Red Bandana

Although wearing red bandanas across the United States is harmless, you mustn’t wear them ignorantly. For instance, wearing a red bandana with an intimidating outfit like a baggy dress and tattered jeans can get you profiled as a gang member. You must also avoid wearing a red bandana around a code red region where violence is rampant.

What Is Blue Bandanas Meaning

blue bandanas meaning

Blue stands for confidence, loyalty, calmness, and serenity. A blue-coloured custom bandana can relax your psyche. It brings a sense of confidence. Also, friends wearing a bandana show how committed they are to being loyal.

Historical precedents point to the significance of the blue bandana in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom. As far back as 1969, during the peak era of the Crisps gang of Los Angeles, the blue bandana was deeply enshrined in the gang-style culture across the 41 states in the United States and Canada. However, people realize that the beauty of the blue bandana can not only be forfeited to gangs. This brought about its incursion into various human fabrics, such as

  • Awareness and Support for Causes
  • Sports and Team Spirits,
  • Outdoor Activities,
  • Symbol of Solidarity and Unity
  • Cultural and Regional Significance
  • Workwear and Practicality

Is It Safe to Wear Blue Bandana?

Of course, you can wear this attractive piece of clothing in blue; you can wear it around your neck to protect it from sunburn or as a fashion statement. Generally, there is no problem wearing your blue bandana or styling it the way you want. It is also practical and advisable to wear your blue bandana with a custom cooling neck gaiter if you are using that for your outdoor activities.

Should You Avoid Wearing Blue Bandana

You should refrain from wearing a blue bandana on your neck to avoid being mistakenly identified as a member of one of the few gangs in the United States. You should do a background check of the color code of the various frats and gangs in your city before you head out with a blue bandana on your head.

What Is Green Bandanas Meaning

green bandanas meaning

There are wide varieties of applicability for green bandanas; even some experts have cited this as the king among the rest. The green bandana derived its importance from the exclusivity attached to green color.  Generally, the green color depicts harmony and health and symbolizes the viable planet Earth. Various studies have also posited green as a sign of love, beauty, lucky color, and healthy relationships. A green-colored bandana has been used in a plethora of causes, but its adoption by the national campaign for the right to legal, safe, and accessible abortion in 2020 gave it worldwide acclaim. That is not all; green bandanas have also been associated with the following:

  • Mental health Awareness
  • Gang Affiliation
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Environmentalism
  • Festivities

Is It Safe to Wear Green Bandana?

Very well, the green bandana is a stress-free, no-problem fashion piece that you can wear. Almost every positive awareness is associated with the green bandana. You can also style it the way you like at the same time, beautify your pet.

Should You Avoid Wearing Green Bandana

You have to be very careful with how you wear a green bandana. This is very important because of the cultural affiliation this bandana color has with various gangs such as Bay Area Crips, Patria, and Trinitarios.  

What Is Black Bandanas Meaning

black bandanas meaning

Black represents power, authority, neutrality, and sophistication. A long and complex history surrounds the intelligent role of black-colored bandanas across different cultures. It’s no new thing that the usability of black-colored bandanas varied across different contexts. Some people see black-colored bandanas as an element of support for their rock music artists, while it occurs to some as a fashion statement. All in all, the black bandana also fits into the tapestry of the following:

  • Rebellion
  • Protest
  • Violence
  • Defiance of Authority
  • Fashion Style

Is It Safe to Wear a Black Bandana?

Wearing a black bandana on your head is acceptable without any fuss. Even though black bandanas have been identified with violence and aggressive tendencies, that Does not deter their usage by iconic rockstars of the 1980s who used black bandanas as a fashion statement.

Should You Avoid Black Bandana

The black bandana is an element of neutrality that does not fit into any gang affiliation. We can’t give you a free pass to wear a black bandana because of the incredible rate at which new gangs spring up nowadays. Therefore, you must do due diligence to understand the neighborhood in which you are wearing it.

What Is White Bandana Meaning

white bandanas meaning

It is a factual statement to say anything white signals peace, tranquillity, unity and serenity. White bandanas have existed since the 1980s and 1990s when various groups wore them as a form of unity and solidarity. Most peace-loving individuals in the society have also put this into use in different contexts, such as

  • Peace and Surrender
  • Protest and Activism
  • Regional and Cultural Significance

Is It Safe to Wear a White Bandana?

Wearing white bandanas is no problem since they are not associated with gangs or social vices. To get a ravishing style off your white bandana you can as well rock it with a custom knitted beanie.

What Is Orange Bandana Meaning

orange bandanas meaning

No one can undermine the orange bandana’s exceptional role in positive connotations and other specific associations. Orange bandanas have been a thing of national value that represents global awareness to raise awareness to end violence against women. This and many others represent the virtue and positivity attributed to orange bandana. The following are the other contexts that orange bandana symbolizes.

  • Multiple sclerosis awareness
  • End violence against women
  • Animal cruelty Prevention
  • Adventure and Exploration
  • Enthusiasm and Optimism
  • Creativity and Originality

Is It Safe to Wear Orange Bandana?

Orange bandanas have different meanings across various contexts. Usually, orange bandanas are generally used for awareness purposes. The best way to wear an orange bandana is to customise it with a symbol.

Should You Avoid Wearing Orange Bandana

Although various groups have adopted orange bandanas to signify their movement, complementing your bandana with a neutral color to differentiate you from other affiliations is advisable. It would also be a good choice to match it with a custom trucker hat like in the picture.

What Is Purple Bandana Meaning

purple bandanas meaning

Purple bandana has been classified as a gang color, most especially the Grape Street crisp in the Watts neighbourhood of Los Angeles. However, we can’t wholly put that in that context when there are some places where they see purple bandana as a form of spirituality and self-awareness. The following are the other common associations with a purple bandana:

  • Gang Affiliation
  • Royalty and Luxury
  • Self Awareness and Spirituality
  • Fashion and Personal Style.

Is It Safe to Wear a Purple Bandana?

Purple bandana is generally a gang color that belongs to the grape street crisp, making it quite bad to wear without due diligence. The purple bandana is a code red one that you should stay away from on the street. If you wear a purple bandana by chance, try as much as possible to mix another color with it.

Bandana Color That is Safe to Wear

While custom print bandanas convey different meanings, some colors have been associated with other gangs nationwide. White and pink bandanas remain the safest bandana colors anyone can wear. They are the safest options. They do not represent any known gangs. Examples are:

Bandana Color



Breast Cancer Awareness,




Peace and Unity


Value and Enthusiasm

Bandana Color You Should Avoid

Bandana Color You Should Avoid

Looking at the following tables can be scary, but that should not deter you from rocking any of the following bandana colors. However, you should exercise extreme caution due to the excesses of various gangs that donn these colors.

Bandana Color

Gang Affiliations


Blood Gang


Crisp Gang


Latin Kings Gang


Grape Street Crisp gang


Bay Area Gang


La Gran Mafia


Asian Gangs

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Custom bandanas are great fashion accessories that can perfect your dressing. They come in different colors and patterns. Ideally, you know what the different shades of bandana mean. Understanding the meaning behind these clothing items helps you know when and where to wear them appropriately and safely.

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