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How to Make Croc Charms?

What are Croc Charms?

What are Croc Charms

Have you ever thought of the possibility of making your plain Crocs the centre of attraction of your outfit? That is exactly what Croc charms help you achieve; turning your Crocs into conversation starters.

Croc charms otherwise known as shoe charms are sizable footwear accessories that come in various designs, patterns and bright colours to sprinkle elegance on your Crocs. They can be carved and designed to display your favourite video game and cartoon characters, playful and emotional hearts and moon shapes, and other freakish charms.

You can also explore the world of letters and quotes because most people wear croc charms for the primary purpose of flaunting their flair and making a personal fashion statement. As long as your mind is set for creativity, the possibilities of croc charm designs are endless! And with custom croc charms, there is something out there to match everyone’s vibe.


What are Croc Charms called?

The popular name for croc charms is Jibbitz and it happens to be the name of the first croc charms brand. The term “Jibbitz,” which is used to describe someone who talks too much, comes from the nickname of Sheri Schmelzer, the founder of Croc Charms.  Of course, you would agree that croc charms are a tool for self-expression and that name suits them perfectly!

Who Invented Croc Charms?

One would think that the invention of Croc charms is a strategy from the Crocs company itself to make more sales, but this isn’t the case.

Croc Charms started in 2005 with a mother (Sheri Schmelzer) and her three children who, out of domestic activity to strengthen their bond, decided to use clay and rhinestones to beautify their crocs.

When her husband, Rich came home, he recognized the creativity and potential in what his wife and children are crafting. He could identify the fun and functional purpose of the accessories and this was how Jibbitz came to live. Together, they turned the pastime activity into a prosperous enterprise that now supplies charms to croc lovers around the globe.

How to Make Croc Charms?

Just like Sheri Schmelzer’s family, you may be wondering if you could make some Jibbitz for yourself. The good news is that you can design your own unique Croc charms without breaking the bank. All you need is a bit of creativity and some inexpensive items, and with these easy DIY guides, your croc charm imagination will soon be a reality.

Let’s explore some easy methods to make croc charms.

The Shrinky Dinks Method

STEP 1: To make the shrinky dink croc charms, you can choose to either collate the images you would like to be displayed on your croc charms and print them on shrinky dinks sheets or draw on them with markers or paint pens.

shrinky dinks

The exciting thing about shrinky dinks is that they can shrink large images into small plastics to create thick and colourful charms that retain the designs drawn or printed on them.

STEP 2: Carefully cut out your images and designs with a pair of scissors. As you cut, ensure not to miss out on the shape of the image because it’s what determines the shape of your croc charm.

STEP 3: The next step is to arrange your trimmed shrinky dinks on a baking sheet.


Space them out and bake them at  149 °C for 4-5 minutes. This is to give it the shrinking and thick effects mentioned earlier.


STEP 4: After baking, leave them to cool off. You can then decide to coat them with a Mod Podge to create a protective layer on them and increase their durability.

coat them
Mod Podge

STEP 5: Lastly, use strong glue to attach a shoe charm backing to the backside/flat side of your shrinky dinks and leave to dry for a day.


You just crafted some elegant charms for your Crocs!

The Buttons and Gems Method

STEP 1: To create croc charms with buttons, all you need to do is to join a jibbitz or shoe charm backing to a round button with hot glue as illustrated abo


Ensure to use an embellished button to boost aesthetics. Hold the backing and button together for a while until the glue cools off before attaching to your crocs.

STEP 2: If you like to look luxurious, the gem’s croc charms may just be perfect for you. All you have to do is to get some gems or rhinestone and shoe charm backings but ensure that your gems are larger than the backings.

custom croc charms

Lastly, attach the backing to the back of the gem with a dot of glue and you have some sparkling croc charms to wear.

The Polymer Clay Method

STEP 1: You may find this method a bit adventurous and fun. The first step is to get a polymer clay, soften it, and carve out your designs.

Polymer Clay

STEP 2: Secondly, bake your moulded designs at 135°C for about 30 minutes. However, the minutes may vary based on the clay product, so be sure to check the product’s guide for the exact timing.

STEP 3: As you bake, see to it that the back of your carved design is flat to make the fixing of Jibbitz backing easy.

As usual, attach the Jibbitz backing to the flat side of your design with super or hot glue and leave them to dry before use.

What are Custom Croc Charms?

Custom croc charms are the personalised accessories you or anyone needs to express their unique identity to the fullest. Custom Crocs charms present you with a blank tablet to write stories about yourself.

Are you an extrovert with multiple interests or an introvert who wishes to be noticed without necessarily talking? Customized croc charms got you covered, and will put an end to your days of a single croc style for every occasion.

Customized croc charms

With custom croc charms, you can rock your favourite football club’s emblem or show off your favourite pet. You can also spell out your name, an inspirational message or even make your face the design.

As a business owner, custom croc charms can also be a great marketing tool and a gift idea for your customers, just like custom bandanas or keychains.

If your schedule is often too tight to make some croc charms yourself, custom croc charms will help you showcase your artistic flair.

Reach out to a custom croc charm maker like FastPrintStar for high-quality and affordable custom croc charms.

How to Put on Croc Charms?

It’s time to transform your plain Crocs into dazzling pairs, and it will interest you to know that inserting your Croc charms is incredibly easy! So select your preferred croc charms and follow the guide below to turn your crocs into works of art!

How to Insert Croc Charms?

Here are quick steps to guide you:

  • Grab the set of croc charms that convey your personality and interest to perfection. You can make a mix of different charms to make your croc more stylish, just like some people stack up wristbands.
  • You will find some holes on top of your crocs which are often called ventilation holes, and are mostly positioned toward the toes and by the sides of your crocs.
croc charms

 These are typically your Croc charms slots.

  • Hold a croc charm and position it on any hole of your choice with the design facing up. Push the back gently into the hole with a bit of force until the back of your croc charm clicks firmly into the hole.
  • Position your charm to face the direction you want and repeat the processes to as many croc charms as you would like to insert.

How to Remove Crocs Charm?

Investing in multiple croc charms or custom made croc charms with different designs allows you to switch up your croc style to complement different moods and occasions. Hence, you need to remove them, but you have nothing to worry about because removing them is just as easy as putting them on.

Follow the guide below to safely remove your croc charms anytime:

  • Hold the croc you wish to remove with one hand while you use the second hand to hold your croc firmly from the inside. This is in a bid to avoid damaging your shoe.
push the back
  • Use the hand holding the charm on the outside to twiddle the charm gently. Then, Use the second hand holding your croc to locate the back of the charm you are twiddling from the inside.
  • As you gently push the back upwards from inside the crocs, gently joggle the charm on top until you successfully pull it out. This will require a lot of gentleness because forcefully pulling it out can damage the ventilation holes.

Where to Get Croc Charms?

Make your shoe charms distinctive and personal with custom Croc charms! Customize croc charm that truly reflects your hobbies and interests with FastPrintStar.

You don’t have to settle for the regular charm designs anymore. You can make a show of your team spirit with FastPrinStar’s custom logo croc charms or flaunt an image that brings back sweet memories with custom picture croc charms.  

FastPrintStar offers a wide variation of custom PVC croc charms, including custom croc shoe charms for all shoe types.

Why FastPrintStar?

  1. You will experience a fast turnaround time with the production of your Croc charms. FastPrintStar sends a digital mock-up to you via email for approval within 24 hours of placing an order
  2. Location is not a barrier at FastPrintStar. Their global shipping service ensures a safe delivery of your custom products regardless of your location.
  3. FastPrintStar has no minimum quantity order, which implies that you can customize one piece of charm or as many as you want.
  4. There are budget-friendly options that suit your flair and budget at FastPrintStar. There are also bulk order benefits for custom croc charm bulk.
  5. Last but not least is their friendly customer support team who attend to your questions 24/7 and see to it that you experience a smooth ordering process.

Head over to FastPrintStar today and discover the world of custom croc charm creation!


When style and functionality collide, croc charms become the unnoticed icons of stylish footwear. Croc Charms has come a long way, starting as a small family project and now dominating the global charm market. Their story is an inventiveness and individual expression.

These charms make your Crocs from plain to spectacular with a variety of do-it-yourself techniques. Whether you choose the daring fun of polymer clay, the elegant appeal of gems and buttons, or the playful charm of Shrinky Dinks, the end product is a personalized masterpiece that says volumes about who you are.

FastPrintStar is prepared to bring your ideas to life, providing a vast range of choices to fit every preference and budget range. So go ahead and add some charm to your Crocs!

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