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How to Wear a Bucket Hat

How to Wear a Bucket Hat-2

What Is A Bucket Hat?

A bucket hat is a head accessory with a broad, downward-sloping brim and a circular, bell-shaped crown that easily fits the head. The hat’s brim is designed in a way that its flexibility ensures that users can style it to be on whichever side they like.

Bucket hats often come in different designs, colors, patterns, and prints for people to choose the one that satisfies their taste. Thus, custom bucket hats are available so that individuals, teams, or businesses can customise them for different occasions.

The fact that bucket hats go with almost any type of dressing has made them evolve into a popular trend in the world of fashion.

Simple Ways to Style A Bucket Hat

Bucket hats look great with everything!

Most bucket hats have flexible brims that allow wearers to position them to different sides in a fashionable manner. The positionings offer unique looks and increase your confidence level.

They can be styled to offer you varied looks for different occasions, especially customizable bucket hats, and can be used to complement hairstyles and outfits. Bucket hat style options are just endless.

How to style bucket hats

Do you desire to trend with bucket hats but aren’t sure how? Below are some recommendations on how to style a bucket hat that will make you want to flaunt your captured moments afterwards.

1. Flip both sides up

To flip both sides of your brim, first, fold the entire brim upward, then pull the front and back of your brim downward, leaving the two sides facing up. This style gives you a picaro vibe that you want to love.

How to style bucket hats-2

2. The entire brim down

Keeping the entire brim of your bucket hat down is a look you’ll want to wear in any season, summer or winter. It shields your face against the harsh elements and also keeps you disguised.

3. The entire brim up

This is a look that you won’t regret trying with your custom reversible bucket hats. You can show off your two-in-one bucket hat designs when you raise the entire brim.

How to style bucket hats-4
How to style bucket hats-5

4. One side up

This look overwhelms you with an influential and sophisticated feeling. You can also flip the sides to the left, right, or centre.

Bucket Hats Matching Outfit Ideas for Males and Females

Bucket hats are always a fashion statement and aside from the way you place your bucket hat on, as mentioned above, there are other ways you can get in style with them.

Continue reading for outfit ideas on how to wear a bucket hat and make the fashion trend work for your wardrobe because most of these items are already in your closet.

How to style bucket hats-6

Jean pants are one of the simple and inexpensive ensembles to wear with bucket hats. A custom bucket hat will always look excellent with a plain or patterned t-shirt on jeans. Jean is a go-to dress for branded bucket hats that never fails.

You can also try out some neutral-toned button-downs or T-shirts, a beautiful pair of shorts, and a vibrant solid-coloured bucket hat to tie the ensemble together. The cotton button-ups are equally an excellent alternative for people who want to seem both official and friendly in one outfit.

You can go monochrome with solid-coloured button-ups, making your customised bucket hat the focus point. When considering patterned bucket hats, all you have to do is make sure the colours don’t clash.

You can also adopt the African print design if you love Afro-urban looks. You surely won’t regret combining your afro-urban outfits with a tie-dye bucket hat.

What Are the Bucket Hats That Suit Different Weather?

The practicality of bucket hats becomes apparent as the seasons change. These gender-neutral staples are extremely useful in all seasons while also adding a touch of flair.

bucket hat for summer and spring

Summer and Spring

Bucket hats are useful items to have in your wardrobe throughout the spring and summer months. They not only shield your face from intense sun exposure, but they also enhance your outfits. Capture a cool, relaxed summer feeling by wearing a bucket hat with a sundress.

bucket hat for Winter and Fall

Winter and Fall

Let us also look at the second season, winter/fall. In the fashion industry, the chilly season is known for its layered clothes that are as warm as they are fashionable. Wearing a bucket hat this season also provides insulation and keeps your head warm and dry.

For the winter and fall seasons, you can also check out beanie headwear to tightly cover your head and ears.

How to Style Bucket Hats to Fit Different Hairstyles

Hairstyles certainly enhance our appearance. Keep scrolling down for ideas on bucket hats with various hairstyles.

Long Hairstyles

Long hair makes it easier to wear bucket hats. All you have to do is let them fall naturally over your shoulders or make some falling buns while wearing your bucket hat.

Style Bucket Hats for Long Hairstyles

Curly Hairstyles

It is never easy to keep curls from flying over your face, which is why a bucket hat for curly hairstyles is essential. First, secure the hat firmly on your head, then bring it to the front to cover your brows and forehead. That will keep your hair from dangling by the sides.

Short Hairstyles

For short hairstyles, you will select a style that enhances your facial shape. Choose a hat with a shorter brim so it does not overwhelm your look, and after you have chosen the ideal hat, draw your hair back and tuck it under the rim of the hat.

Bucket Hats for Outdoor Activities

Generally speaking, bucket hats are often used indoors to provide wind, sun, and rain protection. They are breathable, light, and durable, making them ideal for camping, hiking, and fishing, and often customizable for some activities as a custom sports bucket hat.

Why Custom Bucket Hats

Custom bucket hats are personalised bucket hats that are used to express an individual’s intentions or fashion sense. These bucket hats can be used for exposure and marketing by companies and events by imprinting their emblems or brand logos.

Individuals can also have custom photo bucket hats by displaying their favourite images. Additionally, the tie-dye bucket hats allow you to combine your favourite colours in one hat.

Where to Find the Perfect Custom Bucket Hat

When buying custom bucket hats, FastPrintStars is a place you won’t regret patronizing.

FastPrintStar is a skilled bucket hat manufacturer who knows just what textile to use for bucket hats for every occasion. You can easily design your bucket hats with ease with their user-friendly web interface. They work with reputable shipping firms to ensure a seamless operation of their worldwide services, which makes them a reliable place to order your custom bucket hats online.

They also offer no minimum order quantity, so you can order as low as a single personalised bucket hat or a bulk custom bucket hat.

Kinds of Logo for A Custom Bucket Hat

Customers can choose from a variety of custom-printed bucket hats at FastPrintStar. Continue reading to find out what sorts of logo designs FastPrintStar offers for custom bucket hats.

  • Sublimated

    Using sublimated logo design allows your designs to be part of the bucket hat’s fabric. The logo design is inserted into the material by inks and heat.

  • Screen

    Having a screen printing logo on your personalized bucket hats highlights the crispness of your graphics. It involves drawing your logo on a silkscreen, which is then pressed with ink and transferred onto your bucket hat fabric.

  • Embroidery

    An embroidered logo is sewn into the fabric of the bucket hat. It is a common kind of logo application for embroidered bucket hats and one of the most durable.


In the fashion world, only a few items have the timeless appeal and versatility of the bucket hat. The bucket hat has you covered, whether you want a carefree, beachy appearance or make a statement with streetwear. And with the ability to customise your bucket hat, you could even up your style ante.

Why then wait? Visit FastPrintStar to learn more about countless possibilities of high-quality bucket hats. Your perfect accessory awaits, which allows you to showcase your distinctive personality to the world.

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