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How to Make Air Freshener?

How to Make Air Fresheners

Benefits of Air Fresheners?

Imagine stepping into your home after a stressful day, and the ambiance of your space is infused with a scent that immediately relieves you of the stress and uplifts your mood.  This may seem like magic, but that is what custom air fresheners can do!

Scents can enhance your moods, relieve stress and anxiety, and free the air of foul odors. With a little DIY magic, you can create a personalized air freshener that reflects your favorite scent and mood.

Benefits of DIY Air Fresheners?

You wouldn’t know the hidden effects of most ready-made air fresheners until you try a DIY air freshener. Making your air freshener offers you tons of benefits and undiluted fresh scents. Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits of self-made air fresheners:

  • Prevention from harmful chemicals

Store-bought air fresheners are often mixed with harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances capable of irritating allergies and sensitivities. Inhaling such substances continually can result in respiratory health issues affecting your ability to breathe properly.

  • Making more natural scents

Making your air fresheners allows you to explore as many natural and harmless fragrances as possible. Some natural scents are therapeutic and beneficial to health. I bet nothing beats our nature-given scents!

Benefits of Air Fresheners
  • Cost-effective

With a small amount of money, you will have an effective and healthy air freshener that will last even longer than the store-bought one. You wouldn’t have to keep going back to the store at short intervals.

  • Personalized Scents and Ambience

Mix fragrances and scents to create never-perceived unique scents that will be peculiar to just you! Only a DIY air freshener will give you the liberty to do that.

Ingredients and Materials for Making Air Fresheners

As you make up your mind to give the DIY custom air freshener a try, the following items are the things you will need:

  • Glass Spray Bottle
Glass Spray Bottle

Plastic bottles have a tendency to leach into your mixtures which is why the glass spray bottle is highly recommended. Moreover, using glass bottles is eco-friendly.

  • Essential Oils
Essential Oils

The heart of your custom scent! The mixture of Essential oils is what gives you that unique scent. Examples of essential oils are rosemary, lemon, and lavender essential oils. Be careful not to get the chemical-diluted types.

  • Distilled Water

Distilled water is best if you want your air freshener to last longer without the growth of bacteria. It will preserve your air freshener more than other sources of water.

  • Vodka / Unscented Witch Hazel / Glycerin

Your essential oil may not dilute with water. Therefore vodka or any alcoholic substance serves as a solvent to dissolve oils. The glycerin or unscented witch hazel helps spread and hold up your fragrance in the air.

  • Herbs

Some spices and herbs are known to give soothing fragrances. You can add them to your air freshener to produce even more natural and exceptional fragrances.

  • Fragrance Oils

While essential oils are more natural, you can opt for fragrance oils to get a wider range of scents to pick from.

How to Make Homemade Air Freshener?

Our easy-to-follow steps will make your journey of creating your dream custom air fresheners easy and hassle-free. Clean the air and Let’s get started!

  • A Quick and Functional Scent

Step 1: Get a 30ml spray bottle and add 15-20 drops of your carefully selected collection of essential oils.

The more concentrated you want your scents, the higher your number of drops. You could also get a bigger spray bottle for a larger quantity.

Step 2: Pour your distilled water into the spray bottle to measure up to three-quarters of the bottle. Then, add 1-2 tablespoons of your solvent and dispersant (vodka and glycerine or witch hazel)

Step 3: Shake well to mix and you have a self-made air freshener ready for use. Beyond refreshing the air, you can use this to kill bacteria that cause odors in your dust pans and bathrooms.

  • Citrus or Orange Air Freshener

Here’s an easy and healthy way to make your house smell good!

Following the steps to produce “a quick and functional scent”, you can create a citrus air freshener with only citrus or orange essential oils and fragrances.

Citrus air fresheners are pure and natural odor fighters.

  • Seasonal Scents

Scents that depict seasons and holidays include orange, vanilla, cinnamon, and rosemary essential oils.

Vanilla is for summer and rose is for winter/autumn. You can use any of these essential oils to evoke the spirit of seasons.

Herbal Air Fresheners
  • Herbal Air Fresheners and Potpourri Scents

A combination of herbs, spices, and citrus fruits is what you need for potpourri scents. Examples of commonly used herbs and spices are cloves, cinnamon sticks, orange peels, thyme, basil, and tea tree.

How To:

  1. Gather your herbs, spices, and citrus peels in a pot.
  2. Add plenty of water to cover up the ingredients.
  3. Heat it on a stove until it boils.
  4. Leave to simmer and it automatically starts dispersing its fragrance.

Herbal air fresheners usually have healing properties. This air freshener will serve well when you want to host a crowd in your home.

How to Make Car Air Freshener?

Try this custom car air freshener to experience seamless rides and soothing trips!

What would you need to produce this versatile car air freshener:

  1. A felt textile
  2. A pair of scissors
  3. A sewing needle and thread
  4. Hole punch
  5. Twine
  6. Essential oils

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Grab your felt fabric and prepare to cut into any shape of your choice. For easy patterning and cutting, you can first sketch out your desired shape (hearts, little Xmas trees, stars, etc)  on the textile.

How to Make Car Air Freshener-Step1

Step 2: The next thing is to cut out your sketched shapes from the felt. You will need about 2-3 of those shapes, depending on how thick you want your air freshener to be.

How to Make Car Air Freshener-Step2

Step 3: Now layer your cut-out shapes neatly on top of each other and stitch all sides with your needle and thread, just like you’re stitching a blanket.

How to Make Car Air Freshener-Step3

Step 4: It’s time to do the magic! Add some drops of essential lavender, rosemary, or lemon oils to your sewn felt. These oils can induce relaxation and energy boost. However, you can decide to use any fragrance of your choice.

How to Make Car Air Freshener-Step4

Step 5: To make it hangable, use a hole punch to create a hole at the opened top. Insert a twine into the hole and form a loop.

How to Make Car Air Freshener-Step5

Yes, a hanging custom car air freshener is as simple as these steps seem.

Your car air freshener is ready to be hung. I bet you will always look forward to a ride!

How to Make Car Air Freshener

Bonus Tip: When you notice that the fragrance is beginning to fade, you can easily replace your fragrance. Simply add another set of essential oil drops to your already-made felt pattern. Budget-friendly right?

Are Air Fresheners Bad for You?

Air fresheners are not entirely bad when used in moderation. There is proof that the use of chemically made air fresheners for a long time can adversely affect the heart and cause hormonal imbalances.

Are Air Fresheners Toxic?

Most ready-made and store-bought air fresheners are often produced with toxic chemicals that alter the fresh air you ought to breathe in.

However, the best non-toxic air fresheners are the custom air fresheners that are self-made and can be controlled. You won’t be at risk of these harmful chemicals if you use DIY custom air fresheners

How Do Air Fresheners Work?

Air fresheners produce delightful scents in enclosed spaces. The essential oils and fragrances in them are responsible for this mechanism.

Their main function is to conceal and eventually cancel out unpleasant odors from your spaces. Also, they maintain an atmosphere for pleasant scents.

How Long Do Air Fresheners Last?

Depending on the volume and design of your air freshener, air fresheners ought to last for about four to eight weeks. Some types with small quantities last just three to four weeks. Most times, you will find the liquid and hanging air fresheners lasting longer than other types.

Where to Buy Car Air Fresheners?

Are you having trouble choosing non-toxic and long-lasting air fresheners for your cars, custom car air fresheners are brought to you by FastPrintStar!

FastPrintStar is a reputable printing and customization firm that brings every customer’s imagination into reality.

Their new collection of creative custom products is the custom air fresheners. Wondering what you will get when you order for an air freshener? A hanging custom car air freshener carved into any shape of your choice. They can further make it more personal by printing logos and your favorite images or pictures. You could also display an artwork with their custom car air freshener. It’s all about you at FastPrintStar!

The most interesting thing about the custom car air fresheners at FastPrintStar is their versatility. Don’t be restricted by the name!

You can leave them dangling amid your clothes to preserve the scents of your clothes.

When you also hang them in any of your rooms, they become a two-in-one masterpiece; displaying your favorite images and giving you a pleasant ambiance at the same time.

Place an order in just three steps from anywhere you are, and have non-toxic custom car air fresheners delivered to you. Explore more creativity at FastPrintStar!


We are excited to have helped you with our easy-to-follow DIY steps to produce air fresheners in your comfort zone. Now you can keep yourself clean from diluted and unhealthy air fresheners!

With a glass bottle spray, vodka, distilled water, essential oils, some herbs, and fragrances, you can kick start your journey of creating unique fragrances for your home and car.

You wish you could but your schedule is just too tight? FastPrintStar is always ready to serve you right with custom air fresheners with a touch of uniqueness and professionalism.

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