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Towel Size Guide: What Size Is A Beach Towel?

Discover the perfect beach towel size for your next seaside adventure with our comprehensive Towel Size Guide. From standard to oversized, find the ideal dimensions for ultimate beach comfort and convenience.

What Size Is A Beach Towel

How difficult can it be to choose any size custom beach towel for your beach outing, sun-soaked adventures, and beachside relaxation? If so, you should also be curious about the purpose of the towel size guide and why it is essential. Your answers are plausible and, most times, attributed to the dynamics of custom-made beach towels. They are the decider of your convenience and comfort during beach activities, but getting the right size provides you with its ultimate efficiency. 

Beach towels come in various dimensions and sizes, from standard options to oversized and small ones. These dimensions come with their ideal use, advantages, and disadvantages. This article will provide the proper detail about choosing the right fit among the league of customized beach towel sizes for the highest comfort and convenience.  

Custom Printed Standard Beach Towel Sizes

Standard Beach Towel Sizes

Custom beach towels are one of the most intricate and valuable items catering to all beach activities. This versatile item was made with high-quality materials like microfibre and cotton. The standard dimension category has a large surface area, making this custom beach towel ideal for carrying your preferred logo and photos. Also, standard size is the most common size you can go for due to their all-purpose function that stands between the oversized and small ones. Before you select any towel size, it is essential to understand the size and dimensions of the standard beach towels. The universal scope of the standard-sized towel is 30 x 60 inches. This dimension gives you the utmost value for your money and a balance between portability and full body coverage.

Ideal Uses for Standard-Sized Beach Towels

Over the years, most beachgoers have realized the need for versatile, high-quality beach towels that fit perfectly inside their beach bag. Standard-sized customized beach towels were manufactured with high-quality materials that make them suitable for sunbathing, casual beach seating, drying off your body after swimming, and even serving as a promising substance for makeshift picnic blankets. You can’t miss any glorious beach moment with a standard-sized towel that’s brilliantly designed with your preferred name, picture, or logo. Lastly, the custom-printed beach towels are made with perfect texture and size that wrap comfortably around your body.

Oversized Beach Towels Sizes and Dimension

Oversized Beach Towels Sizes

Oversized beach towels are highly rated for their luxurious, softer, absorbent, and more dedicated touches to the skin, especially for children. These towels are made with various materials, such as cotton and wool, with a well-designed texture that offers a seamless beach experience. In addition to the well-defined texture of the oversized towel, there’s also a sturdy material feel that enables the incorporation of an oversized custom beach towel with cartoon pictures. The idea behind oversized custom luxury beach towels stems from their extra sizes and design adaption. An oversized beach towel has a dimension of 40 x 70 inches. This size is significantly larger than the standard one, which makes it more comfortable and convenient for taller people who may find the standard-size towels shorter for covering their bodies.

Recommended Uses for Oversized Beach Towel

In the tapestry of custom beach towels, oversized beach towels stand out. This is an excellent choice for people looking for luxurious feelings and prioritizes comfort and relaxation at the beach. The general opinion about oversized towels and their usage has not been exhausted to understand their usability level. For instance, an oversized custom beach towel with a logo or picture is the only option to stretch out to cover your body while sunbathing fully and give you a vivid display of your personalized design prints. Additionally, this brilliant-sized towel fits perfectly for beachgoers looking for something to soak up the scorching sun and, at the same time, provide the extra length for easy wrapping around the body, which can be helpful when changing or for added warmth.

Small Beach Towels: The Convenient and Compact Types

Small Beach Towels

Smaller-sized custom beach towels have become a staple among beachgoers in recent years. Everyone wants to get their hands on these smaller-sized towels either as a stand-alone towel or with the bigger one. The small-sized custom beach towels are mainly used as the classic towel for drying hands and face. Additionally, small-sized custom beach towels with cartoon pictures are an excellent option for kids who struggle to carry or use larger-sized towels.

The small beach towels are subjected to wear and tear because of their frequent use and squeezing. However, this doesn’t deter their compactness, making them an excellent option for beachgoers looking for something to dab off sweat in the hot sun or lie on the sand. Lastly, the idea that bigger is not always better has placed the small beach towel among the most desirous towels in the market. This is bolstered by its dimensions of 24 inches in width and 52 inches in length without sacrificing style or comfort.

Appropriate Uses for Small Beach Towels

Smaller-sized towels are practical for quick beach visits and the corresponding activities that don’t require extensive spreading out, like water sports. This is a convenient choice for all scenarios you do at the beach without lounging. Lastly, small-sized towels are most frequently used by minimalists and travelers looking for a perfect beach towel that can fit inside their beach bag.

Benefits of Small Beach Towel

Succinctly, small-sized towels are prized for their portability and wide range of usage. The fact that small-sized custom beach towels take up little space and have a fluffy-like lightweight texture that makes them suitable for Wuxi-dashing beach visits makes them an excellent choice for most beachgoers. Additionally, small-sized custom printed beach towels have a shorter surface area and high absorbency rate, allowing them to dry quickly when you can’t wait to fry appropriately or have another movement to satisfy.

Beach Towel For Children: The Fun and Functional Sizes

Beach Towel For Children

Getting the right towel size for kids is as essential as other beach activities. This ensures they stay comfortable and enjoy their time at the beach. The adult-sized standard and oversized custom-printed beach towel might be too big for them to use and carry, but choosing the right size for the kids will set the pace for their excellent beach experience.

Appropriate Size and Dimensions for Kid Beach towel

When choosing beach towels for kids, making provisions for their drying and lounging is essential. These two activities require different sizes and must be satisfied accordingly. In most cases, small beach towel sizes that are easier to carry, lightweight, and more convenient have been the most obvious choice for kids’ towels. This is the perfect choice for cleaning and drying small children and should have a dimension of 20 inches in width and 39 inches in length or 28 x 58 inches. On the other hand, 30 x 60 inches dimension size towels are perfect for kids who love to play around the beach and participate in other beach activities with their custom beach towels with cartoon pictures.

Beach Towel Size for the Whole Family

Beach Towel for Family

Families have regarded beach outings as a means of keeping everyone happy and pseudo vacation. This type of outing requires careful planning and adequate preparation. Choosing the right size beach towel is one important princess that can make or break a family gathering. No one size fits for selecting the right size custom beach towel in bulk for the family. Therefore, it is essential to remember the different sizes and ages of every family member using it.

Size and Dimension of Family Beach Towels

The expert-recommended method of choosing the right size for the family is mixed method sizing, where you mix sizes from small to extra large beach towel sizes to accommodate everyone’s needs. For example, if you have young kids and toddlers, consider choosing a beach towel that is 28 inches wide and 58 inches long, or go for the medium-sized 30 x 60 inches dimension for more profound usage.

Furthermore, in families with adults and older kids, you should add large-sized customized beach towels that are 35 inches wide and 70 inches long, which is ideal and multipurpose for lounging and drying off after swimming. Lastly, an extra large custom print beach towel size of 40 inches wide and 70 to 80 inches long is the best option for families looking forward to a spacious seating arrangement.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Custom Beach Towel Size

How to Choose A Beach Towel Size

Choosing the right custom full-color beach towel size is a great way to start your beach trip. But this simple but essential solution can make all the difference in your beach experience. Therefore, it is crucial to follow the following tips to help you get the best out of the ocean of sizes and styles.

1. Personal Preferences and Body Size

Considering your personal preference and body sizes while choosing a beach towel size is the key to your comfortability. Some people prefer the larger size that they can use to wrap themselves up, while others prefer the smaller and more compact dimensions.

2. Beach Activities and Intended Use

Your menu of beach activities takes precedence when choosing a custom beach towel size. If you plan to lounge by the beach side, consider going for the larger size. On the other hand, the smaller towel should be your best choice if you are going for a quick dash beach trip.

3. Body size

It is also essential to consider how you are built while choosing the most accommodating and comfortable size. For talker people with extra build, extra legs or an oversized beach towel would be more appropriate for full body coverage.

Where to Buy Beach Towels?

Choosing the right beach towel size encapsulates our preference and the theme of your beach experience. There are various sizes ranging from the standard ones to the oversized ones. These are ideally suited for your preferred activities, compact levels, portability, and body size.

You can select from any of the best custom beach towel sizes either in bulk or wholesale price, that fits your needs and intended uses from FastPrintStar’s custom-printed beach towel.

FastPrintStar takes due cognizance into your towel needs by providing customization options that cater to your sizes and have the much sought-after personal touch designed by a highly rated league of designers. We understand that the choice of beach towel reflects your beach experience and preference. Whether you’re looking for a standard towel for everyday use, an oversized towel for a family beach day, a compact towel for travel, or a personalized towel that stands out, FastPrintStar’s custom beach towels have you covered.

Let’s make your next beach outing memorable by selecting the perfect beach towel size that fits your needs and style!

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