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Sock Sizes Guide: What Size Socks Do I Need?

sock sizes

Why do we Wear Socks?

One may be wondering why socks are so important. Well, let’s look at it from the perspective of a corporate worker who needs to always look formal with his feet hidden in shoes without socks. You want to imagine what will become of those feet after a couple of months.

Firstly, let me state that not wearing socks under your shoes is one of those bad habits that irritate the foot skin. For your feet not to retain moisture, you need socks to always help you absorb the heat to prevent unpleasant odor.

Socks will also protect your feet from the harsh texture of your shoes or the abrasive surfaces of tight shoes to avoid friction and feet blistering.

With custom socks, you can show off your style or promote your brand while they still keep your feet protected. There are customized sock types that match heels, sandals, and slippers, and can be paired with arm sleeves.

Socks also keep the feet warm in cold seasons and enhance comfortability. This can also be used for ornamental purposes. Yes! You can wear custom dress socks to upgrade your outfits regardless of the type of footwear.

The Importance to Know Your Right Sock Size

Not picking the right size of socks can give you an awful experience wearing them. Whether it’s an undersized or oversized sock, your feet will be at risk of improper protection.

Right Sock Size

With undersized socks, you can experience straining of your feet leading to foot sores due to their tightness. This can also reduce its durability because the material would end up stretching beyond a limit.

Oversized socks on the other hand deprive you of smartness because of the excessive material that would be gathered. It may not appropriately wick away sweat causing an unpleasant odour.

You may find yourself changing socks within a short period causing you to lose money. It is, however, important to know the right sizes of your socks to avoid the discomforts that come with it.

How to Determine the Size of Your Socks

Knowing your sock size is as important as the shoes themselves because if your socks do not fit appropriately, it could affect the shoes’ fitting. Since there is no precise sock size, you must often work it out, either with the shoe socks conversion or by measuring your feet.

The Shoe Size Conversion:

To convert your shoe sizes to sock sizes, you need to be aware that the 9-11 (small) sizes of socks are typically for women. The 11-13 (large) on the hand are worn by men and women with larger feet sizes.

Woman Sock Size and Man Sock Size

As a woman, if your shoe size falls between 6-10, your socks size will fall within the small sizes range. However, if as a woman you wear 10-12 shoe sizes, you should pick a sock size within the large range.

Men’s shoe sizes are considered to fall within 5-13. A man who wears 5-9 small shoe sizes should consider the 9-11 sock sizes because the standard large socks may be too big for him. The large 11-13 sock sizes can be conveniently paired with 10-13 men’s shoe sizes.

How to Measure Your Feet

Another way to determine your sock sizes is by measuring your feet to know the exact inches. This will work for everybody, most especially for people with XL and XXL feet.

How to Measure Your Feet

To measure for the foot, use a tape rule or ruler and start your measurements from your heel to the longest toe. Take note of the inches and choose the sock size range with which it falls. If your longest toe is next to your biggest toe, you will work with its aggregate inch.

For extremely large or long legs, it is best to contact custom socks manufacturers like FastPrintStar to help you design your unique sock style. You don’t have to always wear plain coloured socks because you have large feet. They also have other fashion accessories like custom wristbands and custom bandanas all having a complimentary design with your socks.

If you are an exercise enthusiast, you can also order custom soccer socks, custom baseball socks and even custom cycling socks.

Note that brands have different ways of labelling their socks, therefore, be sure to read the inscriptions on labels.

Shoe Sizes Versus Sock Sizes

Concluding that your shoe sizes should determine the size of your socks seems like an escape route for most people.

Shoe Sizes Vs Sock Sizes

However, this requires some calculations and may not work in rare cases. This is because the sizing techniques of shoes and socks are not the same.

While sock sizes are determined by their different manufacturers, there are universal standard shoe measurements. There are two categories of sock sizes which are small (9-11) and large (11-13).

Other sizes such as medium, XL and XXL fall into these categories. Shoes on the other hand are more precise based on gender and can be easily determined.

Socks Size Chart

A sock size chart is a table containing shoe sizes of different regions and genders as well as recommended sock sizes for each shoe size range. It is meant to also guide you in choosing the right size of socks for your shoes.

Socks Size Chart

What are the Best Socks?

The best sock for some people may not be the best for others. This is why we define the best socks to be the ones that best meet your needs. Determining the best socks is dependent on factors like preferences, activities, health and weather conditions and dress types.

In the quest to proffer solutions to most sock problems, FastPrintStar has picked a versatile blend of materials to produce their socks. They have innovatively manufactured socks of polyester and cotton fiber. Therefore, you will surely be buying tenacity, durability, comfort, and adaptability in every pair of socks you order from FastPrintStar.

What are the Best Socks

This blend of polyester and natural cotton fibres enables socks to grip firmly and at the same time feel soft and cool. The properties needed to wick away sweat during rigourous activities are available in polyester while poly-cotton blends are known to provide greater warmth needed in cold seasons.

They are highly recommended for customized socks as they can absorb dye and maintain colours after consistent washing. They are also ideal for all skin types. There are also length-defined socks and they can broadly be categorized as short socks, quarter socks and long socks.

What Are Short Socks?

What are Short Socks

Short socks are usually below the knee with the primary function of protecting the feet.

Short sock styles include ankle and invisible sock types. You can design the ankle socks or order custom ankle socks at FastPrintStar.

What Are Quarter Socks?

What are Quarter Socks

Quarter socks, also called mini-crew socks are the go-to for a showy feet accessory.

They are a bit above the ankle bone and below the length of a crew sock. Even though crew socks are about two inches longer than quarter socks, they often serve the same purpose.

What Are long Socks?

What are long Socks

Long socks are categories of socks that are longer than the quarter and crew socks.

They include the mid-calf, calf, and knee-high socks. They are great fashion accessories that give you an elegant appearance when paired with bucket hats.

How Long Do Socks Last?

Though it is generally believed that socks can last for over six months, with high-graded socks, your socks will be with you for over a year.

How Long Do Socks Last

Nevertheless, certain factors determine the longevity of your foot accessories. They include the cleaning methods, the kind of activities they are used for and the frequency at which they are worn.

If you are fond of using bleach or harsh chemicals to wash your socks, I’m afraid you will soon lose them. It will start by fading away the colour and rapidly degrade the quality of the material.

To make your socks last for longer periods, buy appropriate sock sizes as mentioned above. Once the heels and toes of your socks are damaged, you will be forced to replace them.

Where to Get the Best Socks?

FastPrintStar is yet your one-stop shop for durable and affordable wholesale custom socks. Allow FastPrintStar to help you save money with their custom socks bulk order package. Their bulk order policy is “the larger your quantity, the lesser your bills”, cool huh?

FastPrintStar produces their socks with dye-retaining fabrics like cotton structured polyester which will make your customized socks come out glamorous and inviting. Like their custom neck gaiter, they also produce custom socks in other fabrics like spandex and nylon.

Let’s explore their order web page. You can place an order at FastPrinStar in less than five minutes with just a few clicks. Their online interface is hurdle-free and rich with over twenty colour options.

As you input your quantity number, you immediately get your base price. There are also several options of areas you want your design printed and you can also upload your design in any file format including JPEG and GIF. Ordering online has never been this easy!

Order custom socks at FastPrintStar and enjoy transparency, free design ideas, good customer relations and global shipping. You can also order as low as one to try out their expertise.


Getting the sizes of your socks right is as important as your shoe sizes. To enjoy maximum protection and comfort offered by socks, you should try out the hacks in the guide above.

One of them is how to convert your shoe sizes to sock sizes and how to measure the inches of your feet. Additionally, you can identify the best socks by how well they serve the purposes for which you got them.

However, there are things to consider while choosing a sock and they include their fabrics and length. Depending on your preference, there are different sock types for every occasion and also remember that wearing the right sock sizes can also elongate your socks’ lifespan.

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