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Where Can I Buy Wristbands? – Wristband Supplier Guide

Where Can I Buy Wristbands

What are wristbands?

As you might know already, wristbands are circular-shaped straps that people wear on their wrists. They are sometimes referred to as custom bracelets. This is because people also use them for decorative and fashion purposes.

Wristbands are of different types of materials to meet different needs. This is because people wear them for different occasions. Hence we often come across customized wristbands.

At an individual level, people wear personalised wristbands to express themselves. People also use them to show their fashion sense and identify themselves. This is achieved by customizing wristbands to carry unique designs or quotes.

Wristbands can also be used to classify VIPs and regular attendees at events. They can also be used to promote brand awareness and to help businesses reach a wider audience. You also use them as souvenirs to keep memories of events with clients and participants.

Wristbands are also used for easy identification of team members. When paired with custom lanyards and card holders, they can serve as a way to promote a child’s security.

There is no limit to the functions of wristbands you can explore! Read on to learn about the different types of wristbands and how to maximise them.

Types of wristbands

Wristbands are produced using a variety of materials in a bid to meet clients’ different needs. These materials are durable and customizable to carry your unique designs. Below is a list of the most common wristband materials that you can use:

1. Ribbon Cloth Wristbands

Ribbon Wristbands-2

Ribbon cloth wristbands are made from pure satin fabrics. This type of fabric is known for its shiny, soft and smooth surface, giving you comfort and class. The smooth surface of Ribbon cloth wristbands enhances a lucid display of designs.

2. Polyester cloth Wristbands

Cloth Event Wristbands-1

These types of wristbands are in the category of cheap customizable wristbands. And they offer durability and versatility. This is because polyester is one of the cheapest fabrics that can neatly carry your designs.

3. Woven wristbands

Woven Lanyards-2

Now, these are not your regular kind of bracelet, they are unique and you cannot overlook the distinctiveness they provide. Woven wristbands are crafted by intertwining more than one piece of the same or different materials.

During this process, designs could be incorporated to produce a colourful and thickset custom bracelet.

4. Eco-friendly Wristbands

Eco-friendly Wristbands-1

From their name, it is obvious that these wristbands are made from recycled plastics. This is why they are the least expensive of all wristbands. They are a type to encourage everyone to be participants in the global sustainable development goal of making the planet a better place. You can convey change while following trends with these bracelets.

5. Silicone Wristbands

Silicone Wristbands-1

These are types of wristbands made of latex. Silicone wristbands often have a mock-up design, often referred to as gel or rubber bracelets. They are very strong and hardly suffer wear or tear. These wristbands are also versatile and can take on different printings such as debossed, embossed or ink injection. You sure wanna check them out.

6. RFID Wristbands

RFID Lanyards-6

An RFID wristband is a different type from the others mentioned so far. It uses a ‘smart tag’ that is embedded in it and stores information that can be transmitted to an RFID reader.

People who wear this bracelet feel more secure and engaged at big events.

Why Custom Wristbands?

Customising products like wristbands is an old trick in marketing strategy to increase brand recognition. Every person who wears a personalised wristband passes a message: a brand’s emblem, an occasion, or even a personal statement. Just like the custom bucket hats, wristbands are also used to complement people’s outfits. Customized wristbands are another one of many tools that cater for a range of purposes.

Things to consider when buying wristbands:

There are certain factors to consider when ordering wristbands. These factors will guide you to make the right choices that will meet your needs. We have outlined a few factors to guide you while making your choice


As you already know, wristbands are made from several materials. Thus, it is important to consider what material you are choosing and its benefits. Ribbon, silicone and polyester cloth wristbands can provide comfort and durability. You can consider eco-friendly wristbands for versatility while also saving the earth.


Another factor to consider is the type of occasion for which you are ordering your wristbands. For instance, you can use ribbon cloth wristbands for weddings because of their soft feel and the ability to add class to your event. For seminars and workshops, you use the woven or silicone wristbands. These wristbands represent high standards and quality. The Eco-friendly wristbands will be good as customized event wristbands and festivals


The size is also important to consider especially when ordering for people of different ages. To be on the safe side, you can opt for the adjustable wristbands from FastPrintStar. With an adjustable wristband, people can adjust them to fit their wrists. However, you can keep the sizes small for infants.


At FastPrintStar, there is a wristband for every pocket. Polyester, eco-friendly and silicone are cheap customizable wristbands. Anyone can afford them without going out of their budget range. These wristbands are adaptable and durable at the same time. You won’t be missing out!


There are several purposes for which people buy wristbands, and each wristband has a unique purpose attributed to it. In a case where security is highly required, the RFID wristband is what people turn to.

The best for brand awareness is silicone and woven wristbands, while schools and NGOs can use silicone wristbands to raise funds and awareness for events.

How to spot the best custom wristband supplier

Getting a good custom wristband is a sport these days, thanks to the digital era. You can, however, make your perfect choice through the tools available on certain suppliers’ web platforms.

One of the things you look out for from a wristband supplier is their reputation and level of experience. The more years of industry experience they have, the more you are certain to receive a quality delivery. You can know of the supplier’s reputation by reading through their customers’ testimonials.

wristband Supplier

At FastPrinterStar, we have up to two decades of giving nothing but the best to every customer. This makes us an ideal place to shop for your custom wristbands.

Another way to know a good supplier is an easy-to-use customization technology. The suppliers’ website is one of the ways you can know their design and branding ideas.

On FastPrintStar, we have an easy-to-use interface with various colours and printing options. You can select the one that suits your designs.

You should also choose a client-focused supplier with an active way to interact with you on their webpage. This could be via email, phone calls, and round-the-clock online customer care service. Some can even provide their physical office address to help establish trust. This is what you will get when choose to use FastPrintStar. You can check through our about-us page for more info.

With FastPrintStar, we also offer our customers a lowest price guarantee. We ensured to note on our pages any pricing variations between the number of items, with no least order. This means that your pricing reduces when you order personalized wristbands in bulk.

We work with reliable logistics companies to guarantee efficient and punctual delivery. We also provide packing options to our customers. This is to make the wristbands more appealing and prevent any damage during shipping.


Custom wristbands are tools used for event souvenirs, brand recognition, and tagging. They are available in different types to meet the needs of every individual.

Are you unsure about where to get your wristbands? The answer is FastPrinStar! As you have seen through the article, Fastprintstar is the best supplier of custom wristbands anyone would want to try out. With 15 years of professional printing and customizing, expect nothing less than the quality you ordered. Our advanced technology interface makes it easy to convey your designs effectively.

You can order from anywhere around the world with the least quantity order, and we will still meet your expectations. Our global shipping services and fast order processing are overwhelming.

Check us out! Order your custom wristbands and other customized items like custom bandanas, custom beach towels, and custom hand fans.

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