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What Type of Towel Is Best for The Beach?

how to choose the best beach towels

A custom beach towel is a quintessential part of your summer experience. Whether your idea is an out-and-out beachside party, hanging by the poolside, or an ordinary sightseeing to cool off with a dip, a beach towel is essential for your comfort. Much is not spoken of about the proliferation of the beach towel market with poor quality ones. These towels do not absorb water, are bulky, and fill your bags.

While enjoyable summertime is essential, you can brighten your experience with high quality custom beach towels. These types of beach towels feature high absorbency ratios, fluffiness, and functionality. We understand the importance of choosing the right beach towel. This is evident in how we break down each type of custom beach towel to save you from unwarranted difficulties while making your choice. Let’s dive in.

Types of Towels That are Best for the Beach

Choosing the right towel for your beach outing shouldn’t be this complicated. But we are in the era where buyers falter at navigating the complexities of selecting the bulk of custom beach towels in this million-dollar beach towel market. The following are the most common types of beach towels available. I hope you can find something that caters to your needs.

1. Microfiber Beach Towels

Microfiber Beach Towels

I’ll categorize microfiber beach towels as the king among others. Microfiber beach towels eliminate all the drawbacks of other customized beach towels. The main advantage of microfiber beach towels is their fast-drying materials that allow them to absorb water easily and dry them off quickly, as five times as cotton.

Another advantage of microfiber beach towels is that they are primarily sand-free and affordable. These endearments are possible due to their popularity, attributed to their manufacturing processes and materials (ultra-synthetic fiber). Microfiber beach towels are mostly customized to your needs, with the availability of sand-free options and drying ones.

A. Sand Free Microfiber Beach Towel

Let’s assume you are in the precarious situation of coming back from a day on the beach with a pile of sand stuck to you, your cool water bottle, tanning lotion, sunscreen, and your beach bag. Upon reaching home, you still find some sand that follows you from the beach. This is an unpleasant experience that everyone hates the most.

FirstPrintStar Customized Sand Free microfiber beach towel has been designed to come to your aid. Sand-free microfiber beach towel is made with polyester fabric, which gives the material weaves a sand-loosening capability and texture instead of getting stuck after usage. You can even dust off the sand before packing the towel inside the bag.

Sand Free Microfiber Beach Towel

B. Quick-Dry Microfiber Beach Towel

You understand the painful experience of getting out of the water, drying off with your towel, and being on the move before the towel dries out. Whenever you have to deal with this type of situation, there’s a tendency you have to get most items in your bag soggy and filled with water and sand. These profound inconveniences brought about the manufacturing of FastPrintStar quick-dry microfiber beach towels.

This type of towel takes you off the clutch of soggy water and is also sand-resistant. Thereby giving you all the freedom you have to make your move from the beach anytime you wish. There are no inherent drawbacks that you can point out as significant. Microfiber beach towels are manufactured so that every single disadvantage of other types of custom beach towels is eliminated.

2. Round Beach Towel

Round Beach Towel

Round beach towel has become increasingly popular among beachgoers who are neat freak and want to enjoy the calmness and serenity of the beach. This innovative custom towel covers the lapses of rectangular towels that need shifting every day. This immaculate round beach towel has other benefits, like its ease of usage that does not stress you and moves according to how you want it.

Another one is its dynamic design that allows its rotation to any direction you wish to, most importantly if you’re going to rotate according to the sun’s direction. Lastly, a round towel is highly absorbent and large. With a length of 150cm, a round towel is a good choice for couples or two people who would love to enjoy the shared experience.

3. Hooded Beach Towel

Hooded Beach Towel

This type of beach towel is primarily designed for kids but can also be used by adults. This is another perfect companion for your beach vacation. Hooded beach towel combines functionality, style, and comfort with its ultimate sand-free features. This mind-blowing custom design has a hood that can be worn to protect the head and neck from the sun and stay warm after swimming.

4. Turkish or Peshtemal Beach Towel

Turkish Beach Towel

Turkish beach towel is a miraculous super-thin absorbent towel made with ultra-long fiber of Turkish cotton. Turkish beach towel’s intricate weavings differ from any other regular custom towel. Turkish towel utilizes flat weave that is evident in their compactness, lightweight, quick-drying, and ultra-absorbent nature. You can categorize Turkish towel among the ubiquitous that fits a wide range of uses. Apart from using them as beach towels, they are also a good fit for stylish scarves and wraps.

5. Cotton Beach Towels

Cotton Beach Towels

Cotton beach towel is one of the most preferred types for most beachgoers. Their choice is plausible if we look at the high level of heat released, incredible wet strength, and soft and hypoallergenic properties. Cotton beach towels are made from high-quality cotton materials that traditionally fit into your desired tapestry.  The major downside of choosing cotton beach towels is their propensity to get very heavy when wet. This is most common when you are in a rush and can’t wait to spread them after usage. Their water retainment level is too high, making this type of beach towel a no-go area for those who travel a lot.

6. Hands-Free Beach Towels

It’s expected to wonder about the actual functionality of hands-free beach towels. These customized beach towels are designed to make your beach travels easier. Hand-free towels are made with an attachable strap that makes them easier to be rolled up and then leash them together with a strap that snaps them all around. Another strap is designed to serve as a handle, similar to a bag or a purse. Therefore, carrying them on your shoulder to and fro the beach together with your beach bag is more effortless. This beautiful innovation stands out because of its unique strapable design, where you don’t have to put the damp towel in your bag with your other items.  

Factors to Consider When Choosing Towel for the Beach

how to choose towel for the beach

A good beach towel should be versatile, stylish, convenient, and durable. Almost every type of custom beach towel boasts of these features. However, not every one of them has the same level of fit for your purpose.

1. Size and Thickness

You need to consider the intended use, beach chair or lounge, and the size of your beach bag before determining the right size and thickness. Every beach towel size has its best fit. For example, a large customized beach towel is more suitable for drying off after swimming, while the smaller ones are best for covering up while lounging. You must also look at the size of your beach bag to ensure the custom beach towel you chose fits inside.

And lastly, pick any of our custom beach towels per your body frame. If you are tall with a large structure, you’ll be better off choosing a large custom beach towel for complete body coverage. At the same time, a smaller beach towel is enough if you have a short body frame.

2. Absorbency and Quick Drying

The next in line is how you consider the towel absorbency and their quick drying. This has to do with the towel material. If you are big on this perspective, consider going for the Microfiber Beach Towel. This is the only custom beach towel with a high absorbency ratio, sand resistance, and quick drying qualities. Additionally, you can test for absorbency level and quick drying ability through the manufacturer’s claim, wet a tiny part of the towel, and observe how quaintly they get dried.

3. Design and Customization

Beach towel style and design is another important consideration you must satisfy. This is a reflection of your style and preference. Introducing customizable beach towels available in units and bulk is a game-changing prospect. We have the beauty of customized beach towels with logos, customized beach towels with pictures, kids custom beach towels, custom beach towels with cartoon pictures, custom beach towels with names, and many more that depict your design preference.

4. Durability

It would be erroneous of you to neglect the durability of the custom beach towel you are going for. As we stated earlier, Microfiber Beach Towels are considered to be the most durable among any others. This can be ascertained by its weight materials, stitching, materials, and other factors. Unlike cotton, synthetic materials and polyesters have proven more durable than natural materials. Microfiber is made of these synthetic materials with high-quality stitching and reinforced edges. These are the indications of a well-manufactured custom beach towel that would be with you for many years.

Where to Purchase High-Quality Beach Towel

FastPrintStart is a leader in the professional promotional product industry, renowned for their unwavering commitment to professionalism in crafting high-quality custom beach towels. We offer expert customization, professional design services, timely delivery, and eco-conscious practices while ensuring competitive pricing. This customer-centric approach and wide range of options make FastPrintStart a top choice for businesses and organizations seeking custom beach towels that effectively promote their brand.

Closing Thought

Beach towels are increasingly becoming a staple among the summertime necessities. This has opened up the possibility of having different those to choose from. Of course, this is a blessing, but in some cases, this has deepened the complexities of choices for people who are ignorant of how to select the best for their needs.

Custom beach towels include microfiber, cotton, and other materials. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. Understanding these is important with the careful satisfaction of other considerations like sizes, durability, and others. These are essential factors that FastPrintStar put together to create the best possible custom beach towel that fits your diverse needs.

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