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Buyers’ Guide- What Is The Best Fabric For A Neck Gaiter?

What is The Best Fabric For A Neck Gaiter-FastPrintStar

Understanding the Functions of Neck Gaiters

Neck gaiters are a form of neckwear with the primary function of protecting users against harsh weather conditions. They are usually stretchy, giving the ability to style them differently.

You can stretch them over your head to become a hood. They can also cover a larger part of your face alongside your head, serving as an ideal face shield against sunburn.

People also transform neck gaiter into fashion accessories like beanies, durag, hair tie,s and many more. Using custom gaiters as fashion accessories helps people stand out among the crowd. Custom neck gaiters are also used to create awareness with the colorful bold prints they carry.

Neck gaiters are used by people to fit into different lifestyles. However, they’re available in different fabrics you can pick that will match your lifestyle and can serve you better.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Neck Gaiter Fabric

Neck gaiters are an all-around accessory that serves many purposes. Hence, choosing the proper fabric for neck gaiters plays an important role in their effectiveness. Proceeding, we shall discuss some crucial features you should look out for in choosing neck gaiter fabrics.

One of the things to consider is the durability of the fabric. Go for fabrics like nylon or polyester that can serve you for a longer period and also save you money. It will also resist the possible hazards caused by outdoor activities.

how to choose a neck gaiter

You should also consider using a neck gaiter that protects from UV rays especially when you use it outdoors. Custom UV Neck gaiters with high UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) help keep your neck and face protected from the sun.

Another thing to consider, especially if you’re an athlete, is the moisture-wicking fabric. This fabric helps absorb the moisture from the body and take it to the outside of the fabric. It is commonly used in sports apparel to keep the athlete dry.

Your neck gaiter must also allow you to breathe easily without sticking to your skin. This type of neck gaiter will allow easy circulation of air, preventing overheating and discomfort.

If you’ll be buying a neck gaiter during the cold weather, then you should consider a type that will insulate you from the cold. Polar fleece is an excellent insulating material that can be used during winter.

Different Types of Neck Gaiters

Knowing the unique abilities of each fabric will help you identify the one that works best for you. Let’s examine the different types of neck gaiters fabrics available for you:

Polar Fleece Neck Gaiters

The polar fleece fabric is known for its thermal insulation feature. The insulation feature enables them to retain body heat and keep you warm during cold weather activities. This material is soft, light and comfortable.

cooling neck gaiter

The Cooling Neck Gaiters, also known as UV and CoolMax neck gaiters, are the ideal gaiters designed to keep you dry during hot weather. The moisture-wicking property in them sucks sweat off your skin and leaves you feeling fresh and dry. Synthetic materials like nylon and polyester have these qualities. They also dry fast which makes them suitable for intense exercise. In addition, they can protect you from Ultraviolet sun rays outdoors making them the best neck gaiter for sun protection.

3. Survivor Neck Gaiters

survivor neck gaiter

The survivor neck gaiters are the best choice for adventurous activities like hiking and camping. They are made with microfiber fabrics that are resistant to shrinking. They are layered and effective in different weather conditions, yet soft and lightweight.

custom printed neck gaiter

Custom-printed neck gaiters are highly fashionable and functional. They’re available in different colors and patterns in all types of fabrics. What makes custom gaiters stand out is the opportunity they give you to create your neck gaiter. You can pick your preferred fabric, color, and design.

You will also have to choose the texts and logos to be displayed on your neck gaiters. Suppliers of customised neck gaiters like FastPrintStar have website pages that make uploading logos and text typing very easy. They also have over twenty color choices for you to pick from.

Where Can You Use Neck Gaiters?

Neck gaiters, being multifunctional wears can be used in individuals’ situations. The fact that they have fabrics with distinctive properties makes it easier to select the best for any situation you may find yourself in.

The Best Neck Gaiter for Winter

The Best Neck Gaiter for Winter

For outdoor activities in extremely cold weather, the polar fleece or survivor neck gaiters will serve you better. These fabrics are also considered the best neck gaiter for winter. While polar fleece has temperature-regulating properties, survivor neck gaiters are made of layered microfiber fabrics that are strong and durable.

The Best Neck Gaiter for Sun Protection

Custom Cooling Neck Gaiter-1

The CoolMax neck gaiter with its moisture-wicking property is ideal for hot weather. The CoolMax neck gaiters are constructed with nylon and polyester fabrics which are lightweight and breathable. They are available as custom cooling neck gaiters to keep your sweat off.

The Best Neck Gaiter Kids

The Best Neck Gaiter Kids

You may also consider ordering polar fleece fabrics for your kids. While the polar fleece is hypoallergenic, it can prevent skin irritability for delicate skin. Polar fleece is comfortable and easy to wear with special medical health conditions.

The Best Neck Gaiter for Travelers

The Best Neck Gaiter for Travellers

Travelers and campers can also settle for the polar fleece wool neck gaiter as it can help them regulate temperature. The multi-layered survivor neck gaiters are also durable, and suitable for versatile use. Bucket hats are also a great outdoor accessory you won’t regret packing as a camper.

You can use custom neck gaiters to identify members of the same team by printing the team’s logo or name on them. This would also foster a sense of unity among the team members.

You can also use the custom security neck gaiter for distinguishing people who can gain access to a particular place. It can be used in any organization and informal gathering such as a construction site, a party, or even a football team.

If you also have a business, custom neck gaiters can be a great tool for brand awareness and marketing. As you rock your neck gaiters outdoors, the custom neck gaiter with logo of your business markets your brand to a wider audience.

Where Can I Buy a Neck Gaiter?

Increase your comfortability as you enjoy your outdoor activities with a custom neck gaiter from Fast Print Star. They have different neck gaiter fabrics for different purposes and preferences.

The fabrics at Fastprintstar are soft, lightweight, and stretchy for breathability and shield against all weather conditions.

The fabrics at Fastprintstar are highly customizable and they use the sublimation printing technique. This printing technique is best for any type of fabric because it displays designs in high-quality colours. A custom sublimated neck gaiter is also fade-resistant, making your gaiter designs look brand new each time you wear them.

With over 15 years of delivering customised accessories, Fast Print Star delivers custom neck gaiters with no minimum order. This means that you can order from as low as 1 to as many as 1000. You can place a 1-piece sample order before ordering for the wholesale custom neck gaiter.

What do you stand to gain at Fastprintstar? Free design service and reliable global shipping. They also have a competent customer service team to attend to your questions at any time. Their turnaround time is very timely, as you will receive a sample of your custom gaiter designs within 12 hours of placing an order. Reach out to Fast Print Star today for your custom neck gaiters and other accessories like custom lanyards and wristbands.

How to Wash a Neck Gaiter?

Considering that most neck gaiters are designed for outdoor use, they are prone to getting dirty.

Thus, it is important to wash them as often as needed.

When washing neck gaiters, it is best to follow the cleaning instructions for each fabric. This is because each neck gaiter fabric has a unique cleaning process that may not be required for others.

In general, all lightweight neck gaiters can be easily hand-washed in cold water and line-dried.  You may also wash them in a machine, but be sure to use a gentle cycle. You can also use lukewarm or cold water, depending on the situation. However, delicate materials may require additional care or sanitization.


The maximum effectiveness of neck gaiters is determined by the type of fabric it is made of. Neck Gaiters are available in different fabrics, you have to choose the one that has the right properties to meet your needs.

As discussed above, we have the polar fleece fabric known for retaining. Also, the CoolMax synthetic materials are available to keep you dry in hot sweaty weather. You can go for personalised gaiters to have outstanding designs on your neck gaiters.

Factors to consider while choosing your neck gaiter fabrics include breathability, moisture-wicking, UPF and insulation.

Lastly, remember that all neck gaiter fabrics have distinctive properties that suit every situation.

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