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Custom Blanket Tutorial: How to Make a Blanket?

How to Make a Blanket

What are Blankets Used for?

A blanket is a large square-shaped piece of cloth with varying thickness. Its Thickness is often dependent on the material used in producing it.

Blankets are widely known to be used in bedrooms as body covers to keep people warm while asleep. They can also be straightened out on the floor to create a larger and safer space for people to sit outdoors.

In addition, there are custom blankets which often serve decorative purposes. The custom throw blanket for instance is a bit smaller than the standard blanket and is versatile.

They can be used in cars, staterooms, living rooms and many more. The custom baby blanket is another distinct one designed to wrap up babies and protect them from the cold.

How to Make a Blanket?

Easy Steps to Hand-Sew a Blanket​

The process of making a blanket involves craftiness and indulgence as it gives you the chance to create a customized blanket that satisfies your preferences. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this guide will put you through every step right from the first stage of choosing a fabric to the very last stage of customizing your blanket. Following these instructions will only allow you to unleash your hidden brilliance!

Step 1: The first step is to select a fabric, which could be a flannel combined with any soft material, or a fleece material.

Hand-Sew a Blanket-step1

Step 2: Then, using a tape rule, measure the material to your desired blanket size. When cutting, be sure you add an extra half inch to any size and that opposite edges are equal. Following this, you should also thread your needle with a thread that matches the colour of your fabric. You can double the thread to make your stitch stronger.

blanket sizes

Step 3: The next step is to prepare to sew. If you’re doubling your fabrics for thickness, turn the right or patterned sides to face each other and use pins to hold the edges of both fabrics together. Do it round all the edges and make sure the edges are in alignment.

Hand-Sew a Blanket-step3

Step 4: It’s time to start sewing! Using the simple running stitch technique, start your sewing half an inch from the actual edge. To create a tight closeup, don’t make your stitch too broad, and remove pins as you sew. Repeat this process for all edges, but you will have to leave a small opening to turn the right sides out.

Hand-Sew a Blanket-step4

Step 5: Once you turn the Inside out, sew the small opening with a ladder stitch. You can also iron the blanket if it got too rumpled during the sewing process and your blanket is ready!

Hand-Sew a Blanket-step5

Steps to Crochet a Blanket

Knitting is another method for creating a fashionable and multifunctional blanket. You will need a crochet pin and yarn for this project. The steps to knit a blanket are as follows:

Crochet a Blanket

Step 1: To start knitting a blanket, slipknot the yarn. Then construct a loop with the yarn with your pin in-between and start knitting.

Crochet a Blanket-step1

Step 2: Next, begin knitting in a straight line to form a chain stitch. Your blanket’s breadth will be the same as the length of the chain. For beginners, crochet knitting is as simple as just dragging the yarn in and out using the curved tip of your crochet pin.

Crochet a Blanket-step2

Step 3: The next process is to create rows as soon as you have the chain to your desired width. Start making rows by inserting your pin into the tiny holes on your chain, then knit your way back to the starting point.

Crochet a Blanket-step3

Step 4: Keep going in this manner to make more rows until the length you want is reached. For an equal edge, use the same amount of stitches throughout the knitting.

Once your desired size of blanket is reached, cut off the yarn leaving a little strand, and use a needle to knot or tuck it into the stitches to secure your crochet blanket!

Crochet a Blanket-step4

How to Customize a Blanket

The most fun-filled aspect of making your own blanket is designing it to make a statement. You can make your blankets display memories, and carry your favorite quotes or names with custom blankets. Discover your creative side as you customize your blanket.

How can I put pictures on a blanket?

Your most cherished pictures can be printed on your blankets to provide a unique touch. This is also a wonderful present idea for your loved ones.

How can I put Pictures on a blanket-step1

STEP 1: Select a few of your favourite pictures and edit them to improve their quality, especially the ones that may have been taken with phones. Head to a business centre or printing shop to get them printed in hard copies, and you want to grab some transfer paper alongside.

STEP 2: The next thing is to trim off extra paper maintaining the precise shape of the images. Then, straighten out your blanket on a flat surface and arrange your pieces of trimmed images on it.

Don’t be afraid to use all of the available space on the blanket to arrange your photos in the ideal layout.

How can I put Pictures on a blanket-step2

STEP 3: The next thing is to cover each picture with a transfer paper and place a hot iron on each of them. Iron with a high level of force from the top to the bottom of the picture. Do this for at least two minutes.

Repeat this process on other pictures and you have a custom memorial blanket!

How can I put Pictures on a blanket-step3

As you do this, try to regulate the heat of your iron in order not to get your blanket burnt.

How to Put Initials on a Blanket

You can create custom text blankets with the procedures you’re about to discover. Write texts such as names and quotes. The first thing to do is to cut out your letters using a sample letter pattern or a fabric.

How to Put Initials on a Blanket

Secondly, arrange them following the text you wish to write and hold them in place with pins. Using running stitches, sew the letters onto your blanket using your threaded needle. Do this for other letters and you’re done designing.

Other Custom Blanket Design Ideas

Custom Valentine blanket: Rekindle your romantic sentiments throughout special occasions by making a custom Valentine blanket for yourself and your spouse. A custom bucket hat can also be in the surprise package.

Custom volleyball blanket: Flaunt your flair as a volleyball fan by getting a custom volleyball blanket for yourself. Arm sleeves and neck gaiter are also great items of clothing for athletes and sports fans.

Custom wedding blanket: Gift a newly wedded couple a custom wedding blanket and earn a space in their heart and home. Add a complementary custom pillow case to complete the set.

Custom Disney blanket: Act out your love for your kids by making them a custom Disney blanket and watch them reciprocate in their little cute ways. A fashionable accessory like custom wristbands is something they will be glad to receive from their parents too.

Where Can I Get a Custom Blanket Made?

Of all the printing and customizing vendors online, FastPrintStar is highly recommended for your custom products and of course your custom blankets. With over 15 years of experience, their mastery is without equal.

FastPrintStar is known to be a customer-centric company and has put beneficial systems in place to satisfy its customers. Some of them include a hassle-free order page which makes it one of the best custom blanket websites. The use of top-quality fabric, without a minimum quantity order and reliable global shipping service is also included.

Their custom printed blankets wholesales come in various sizes with HD full-colour printing. Additionally, you don’t have to break the bank to shop at FastPrintStar as they give out their products at affordable prices; The more you buy, the less you pay at FastPrintStar. Join a part of their community of partners as a reseller and enjoy mind-blowing benefits.

Enjoy free professional design ideas to build your brand and have your designs reviewed as many times as you want. Order custom blankets to enjoy all these benefits and more!


Beyond reasonable doubt, blankets are an essential piece of clothing for every household. The fact that they can be useful for other activities outside the house is a plus.

The simplified process of making blankets for yourself and loved ones can save you the stress of shopping for blankets that may eventually not meet your needs. You will also have the opportunity to craft them to your taste, following the above-mentioned steps.

We have also provided the steps to customize your homemade blankets by yourself. You can make custom blankets by printing images or writing texts on them. You can also contact vendors like FastPrintStar to give your blankets a more polished touch.

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