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What is a Blanket? Everything You Need to Know!

What is a blanket

What Is A Blanket?

A blanket can be physically described as a piece of cloth which is often rectangular. They are usually wide enough to cover up the entire body while lying down and can also cover the bed most times.

The feel of a blanket should be fluffy, soft and mushy. Even though these features could sometimes be affected by the fabric of production, an average blanket should have the aforementioned features when used. They could also be thick, warm and breathable.

If you want your blankets versatile and adaptable, the custom blankets will be a great choice.

What Are The Uses of Blankets?

Blankets are designed to serve different purposes.

Fundamentally, they are meant to keep you warm. When covering your body with a blanket, the characteristics of blankets mentioned earlier enable blankets to retain heat in the body by minimising the amount of heat escaping. This makes you remain warm.

Oftentimes, you may feel the urge to run under your blanket when terrified, moody or just having a bad day. This is because blankets enhance comfort. The soft and cosy feelings they give supply comfort and can help you ease off and keep calm.

What are Blankets Used for

Blankets, especially the custom-made blanket, are capable of adorning your spaces. You can stylishly fold them and place over couches or chairs in your living room to accentuate with colour blends and patterns.

You can customise blankets with pictures and names or crafted custom blankets with logo. Use them as both practical and fanciful tools in the bedrooms, living rooms, at picnics and other outdoor activities.

A custom blanket can also make a great personalised gift that communicates warmth and comfort. It is one of those ageless presents you can present to anyone. Custom pillow cases and bandanas are also complementary gifts to consider.

What Are The Different Blanket Materials?

Blankets are produced with varieties of textile materials. Each of them has its peculiar characteristics that meet users’ needs. Let’s examine some of the prevalent materials:

  • Cotton: The fact that Cotton is a natural fibre makes it hypoallergenic, absorbent and soft. As a result, clothing manufacturers often use it to produce household staples like towels and blankets. The absorbent property will keep you cool and dry under cotton blankets. They are also the perfect choice for custom baby blankets and people with allergies.
cotton blankets
wool blankets
  • Wool: Wool is a popular fabric in dampish and cold regions. It is a heat proof fabric that retains body heat to keep users warm. They are also known for their moisture wicking properties and they are naturally inflammable.
  • Silk: Silk, when used to produce blankets, radiates elegance and sophistication. Known for its glossy and even surface, silk blankets can give your space a stellar atmosphere. The silk material is an ideal choice for the custom fuzzy blankets. They also have the ability to regulate your body’s temperature as required by the season.
silk blankets
Polyester blanket
  • Polyester: Polyester is a durable, soft, light and affordable fabric for blankets. They also have moisture wicking properties and resist wrinkles which makes them suitable for outdoor activities. Polyester is an artificial fibre that can be used to craft different textures and surfaces.
  • Microfiber: Microfiber is another type of artificial textile with similar properties as polyester. However, microfiber has a higher level of absorbency. It can also easily replace silk and cotton materials as they have similar textures.

Types of Blankets

The word “blanket” will remain a generic term as long as the types are concerned. Blankets differ in styles and functions just as they differ in materials. Examples of types of blankets include comforters, quilts, and knitted blankets

In the same way, there are socks specially designed to suit certain lifestyles and health conditions, so are the types of blankets. The most popular of them are fleece, weighted, and throw blankets.

What is a Fleece blanket?

Fleece blankets are a popular type of blanket made from polyester or cotton. The fleece fabric is durable, soft, cozy and anti-allergic. If you need an affordable blanket to protect against cold, the custom fleece blanket will serve you right. You should also consider adding fleece neck gaiters to this staple for outdoor protection.

What is a Fleece blanket

What is a weighted blanket?

Weighted blanket, as the name implies, is known for its extraordinary weight. It can be created with fabrics such as rayon, flannel, cotton and linen. Accessories like beads, peddles and grains are incorporated to make it heavy. The weight of a weighted blanket is measured to be close to 30 pounds. Weighted blankets are known for its health benefits of reducing anxiety and stress, boost hormones and increase sleeping quality.

Weighted Blankets

What is a throw blanket?

A throw blanket is an adorable handy kind of blanket which is not built  for just the bedroom. It functions more as a decorative item than other types of blankets.

Throw Blanket

What Kind of Blankets are Best?

Determining the best blankets depends on your preferences and needs at the time. We have a few recommendations to guide you through making the best choice of blankets.

For weather conditions, the level of warmth required determines the type of blanket you will go for. Wool or fleece blankets are best for cold seasons while polyester will be best when you need to stay dry.

Customized throw blankets are best for making a fashion statement and accentuating your space. Silk blankets can also serve the same purpose.

If you need a low-budget sophistication and a luxurious feel, the microfiber blankets are best for you.

Also, cotton blankets are best for baby custom blankets and custom kids blankets. They are easy to care for and hypoallergenic.

Lastly, if you know someone who suffers from autism, anxiety or insomnia, show that you care by giving them a custom weighted blanket.

How to Wash Blankets?

The way you wash your blankets can affect their qualities. It is therefore essential to know the appropriate cleaning method that is suitable for your type of blanket. Also, always check the labels for washing instructions.

How to Wash Blankets

Generally, it is always safe to first soak your blanket in water and detergent if you’re using a washing machine. Leave it in the machine to soak for 10-15 minutes before switching to washing. In addition, always wash on a gentle cycle.

Apply the same technique to hand-wash and knead gently in the soapy water. Blankets require that you rinse them multiple times  to get rid of any soap substance.

How to Fold Blankets?

Learning how to fold your blankets is important because it will make it easier to use and store them. Let’s explore some of the ways to fold them.

1. The Rolling Method

The rolling method requires that you spread out your blanket and join the two short edges together. Repeat the same one more time and you have a thinner piece of cloth with two shorter sides. You then start rolling tightly from one of the shorter edges.

How to Fold Blankets-Rolling

2. The Display Folding

To fold blankets for easy display, fold one of the long sides to the middle. Then fold the second long end over the first and your blanket is ready for display. Drape over chairs, couches and on your beds’ footboards for displays.

How to Fold Blankets-Display Folding

3. Folding for Storage

The basic Folding method for storing blankets is to keep folding in halves. To fold in halves, keep joining the short ends together. Repeat for about three to four times and avoid folding for too many times. The end result is a compact squared piece of blanket.

How to Fold Blankets-Folding for storage

4. Fold Blankets Like a Pillow

To do this, form a thinner piece of cloth with your blanket as in the case of the rolling method. Then, start folding one of the sides bit by bit. When you’re two folds away from the end, fold the second end once and tuck in the first fold into the second.

How to Fold Blankets-Fold Blankets Like a Pillow

How to Store Blankets?

Since blankets are large pieces of clothes, it is important to store them appropriately in order to save space and Keep them organised.

You can fold your blankets to resemble firewoods and arrange them on a fire rack in your home. You can also store them into cabinets and drawers when folded for storage.

How to Store Blankets

People also hang household clothes like towels on decorative hooks that are installed on the walls. This is also a stylish way to suspend your blankets with their bright colors and elegant patterns displayed on the hooks.

Another similar blanket-storing hack is the use of blanket ladders. You can also store them in an ottoman or footrests with a storage space underneath.

Where to Get Custom Blankets Made?

FastPrintStar is that blanket customizer to get the best custom blankets. They are a customization and brand-building company. However, they have brought their services to the world with their easy online ordering process and fast global shipping service.

Order custom blankets from FastPrintStar to get a high-quality custom plush blanket. Their blankets are produced with anti-pill flannel fabric. This textile is soft, lightweight, durable and versatile. With about three size options and over twenty background color options, FastPrintStar can help you customize a blanket that will be entirely unique and special to just you.

You can create designs for a concept like the custom team blanket as FastPrintStar offers custom-printed blanket wholesale. You can also get custom blankets with logos to flaunt and advertise your favorite brand. FastPrintStar also provides bulk custom blankets at affordable prices.

There are numerous options to custom personalized blankets. There are custom family blankets, custom-designed blankets for kids, pets, adults, and just anything or anyone you can think of. All you have to do is to get creative with FastPrintStar.


The usefulness of blankets is not stereotyped as just covering the body or bed. They are also used to accentuate your spaces, provide comfort, and as outdoor activities.

It is also important to understand the peculiar features of the different fabrics and types of blankets. This will help you to make an informed decision towards satisfying your needs.

To have a smooth experience with blankets, master their washing tips, folding techniques and the appropriate way to store them. And don’t forget, FastPrintStar is a reliable brand for custom blankets and everything brandable!

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