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How to Wear A Bandana?

What is a Bandana?

Bandana is an outdoor multipurpose accessory believed to have originated from Hindi. It got its name from the Hindi word “bāṅdhnū” which means “to tie”.  Yes! This explains its primary practical use as many religious groups and people had reasons to tie bandanas on their heads, necks and faces.

Bandanas are usually square-shaped, colourful, and made with lightweight materials which enables you to design and print your bandanas to your taste.

Nowadays, you will find the skull, plain, camo, patterned and paisley designs. However, the invention of custom bandanas brought about creativity, hence, the reason behind several new and personalized designs. You can now turn your bandanas into a piece of artwork by incorporating your design ideas in custom print bandanas.

With the versatility of a bandana, you may find yourself owning one and not sure how to rock it. Well, it may interest you to know that it’s a small yet huge fashion accessory that can elevate your looks when rocked the right way.

How to tie a Bandana

Don’t be confused by the squared shape! Wearing a bandana is easy and quick. To make a basic head tie, begin by forming a triangle with your squared-shaped bandana. This can be accomplished by folding diagonally, which is equivalent to connecting two opposing sides.

The second step is to drape the flat long edge across your head, aiming for your brow or hairline.

Finally, properly knot the two ends of the flat edge to the back of your head/hair. To make it seem more polished, tuck the remaining edges under the tie knot like the custom biker bandanas.

Rock on as we style your bandana to add sophistication and fashion.

Bandana as Neck Scarf

Styling your bandana as a neckwear can bring life to any casual outfit especially when paired with a custom neck bandana.

You can tie it around your neck as a neck scarf. To do so, fold your bandana to form a triangle as described earlier and tie it around your neck, below your chin.

With this style, the triangular curve of your bandana rests on your neckline. For an exceptional look, you can turn the triangular curve backwards, while the tied knot is displayed in front of your neck.

Also, you can add a touch of elegance to your look by tying your bandana as a choker necklace. Create this by first folding it into a triangle and rolling it continually until you have a single strand. Your desired width will determine the number of times you fold. Once this is achieved, you will tie it around your neck and form a tight knot. Ensure it feels firm, but not too tight, giving the choker vibe. The beauty lies in the fact that you can turn your knot sideways, back or front.

Neck Bandana

Create a fringe bandana by attaching rhinestones to the edge of your bandana. This adds more charm and sophistication to your bandana neckwear. Styling them as a neck scarf can also serve as custom cooling bandanas in some weather conditions.

Bandana as Head Dress

Beyond the few styles mentioned above, you can flaunt your bandanas on your head by styling them in some of the ways below:

  • Sweat Bands

Fold your bandana into a single strand, like a choker. To create an ideal sweatband, make the width a little wider than a thin choker. Because the purpose is to keep sweat off your face, its breadth should be reasonably broad and thick.

Lastly, gently place it over your hairline so that it extends to your forehead. Tie it to the back and you won’t have to worry about sweat irritation during vigorous activities.

  • Protective hair cover

Bandana can also be used as a protective hair cover to protect your hair from roughness and dust. Make a triangle out of your bandana and tie it from back to front, leaving the knot slightly above your hairline.

Pull the triangle wing from the back of your hair over your hair and tuck the extra piece beneath the knot in front. Don’t forget to tuck your full hair inside the space provided by the triangle and you will get something like this:

Style your Bandanas to Make a Fashion statement

You can make a stunning fashion statement when you knot them attractively on your purse and handbag handles. There are several custom colour bandanas available at Fast Pint Star, you just have to pick them based on your preference.

You can also stand out at that event by wearing your bandana as a waist belt with your jeans and a tucked-in shirt. This transforms you into a gorgeous display of high fashion.

Accessorising other customised outdoor items like a custom bucket hat with your bandana is another unusual method for capturing people’s attention.

Using bandanas as a bag scarf, waist belt and hat accessory leaves you feeling and looking classy.

Bandana Hair Accessories

There are countless ways to wear bandanas in your hair. Some of these are outlined here:

● Bandana bow

Bandana bows are always a good choice for both short and long hairstyles. To make a bandana bow, fold your bandana into a single strand and wrap it around your hair from back to front. Adjust it to your liking and knot it twice in the front.

Spread out the two loose strands with your hand now. After that, fold each tip inwards and secure it with pins behind the knot. Make careful to spread out each side evenly so that your bows look good.

● Bandana Braids

The bandana braid is popular with the female artist; Cardi B. Many people have adopted the style and it is certainly appealing. Bandana braids are simply made by braiding bandanas with large ponytail braids.

● Bandana and curly hair

You can manage your curls by wrapping them in a bandana scarf as they fall backwards. You can still tie your bandana while allowing some hair strands to escape and fall by the edges for a more sleek effect.

● Bandana Bun Wraps

Bandanas can also be wrapped around a bun. Once you’ve folded it into a single strand, wrap it around your burn until no strand remains and pin it in place. To make it more appealing, wrap it once or twice and tie the loose ends backwards. This is you adding an extension to your bun which can help display your custom bandanas well.

● Half-up Bandana hairstyle

This bandana hairstyle allows you to show off your bandana in the centre of your hair. A practical example is separating your hair horizontally and using a bandana to bind the upper section to fall backwards on the lower part. If your hair is long enough, you can even do a tiny bandana braid with this hairstyle.

● Barrettes and Bandanas

Barrettes and bandanas are a terrific fashion combination for bandana-covered simple and straight hairstyles. Barrettes, often known as hair clips, can be used to dress up the bandana worn on your hair.

Bandana street styles

People can explore multiple identities by dressing in street fashions. Most current fashion trends are thought to have originated on the streets. Bandanas were formerly popular on the streets, with individuals wrapping them around their thighs, ankles, and wrists.

You can still wear your bandanas in this manner to get a feel for the streets too.

Wears you can make with your Bandana

Some of the most common wears you can make with your bandana include:

● Bralette

Tie two bandanas together and wrap them across your chest to make a comfortable strapless bra. Make sure your breasts are appropriately covered by using a piece of the bandana for each. If you do it correctly, you should have two knots: one between your breasts and one in the centre of your back.

● Top or Camisole

For a bandana top, fold the bandana into a triangle and tie it over your chest above your breast. While the triangle part drapes over your stomach, covering a greater area, you may need a second hand to help you tie it firmly at the back. As for adults, they may need a bigger bandana size for an appropriate fit.

Where Can I Get a Bandana?

Bandana is a fashionable accessory and it is important to get it right in terms of quality fabric or design and Fastprintstar will help you to stand out. You can easily customize your bandana with amazing designs or patterns in whatever colour or style you want, then upload it on their straightforward web page to have it printed. If you don’t have a design, they have you covered with their expert design team that can assist with the creation of your unique bandana.

Fastprintstar uses materials like satin, which is both durable and wrinkle-resistant. Satin fabrics are admired for their luxurious and glossy appearance. All these and more are what Fastprintstar will offer you at affordable prices.

With customized bandanas, you can also promote your business with the custom bandanas with logo. Fastprintstar’s advanced printing technology allows for an all-over custom bandana printing design that brings vibrancy to your custom bandanas. As an individual, you can also order because there is no minimum order quantity.

They are a custom bandana maker with a very timely delivery and free shipment. Their shipping service is also quick and dependable worldwide because they work with reputable logistic companies.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your custom bandanas today and slay!


Bandanas, without a doubt, are one of those items that have a functional history and have evolved to become versatile. People now tie them as neckwear and protective head coverings, similar to scarves. You can also create a fashion statement by accessorizing items such as purses and hats with your bandana or wearing it as a waist belt.

Braids are another fantastic way to ornament your hair with a bandana, among other things. The practical steps are outlined above.

There is a bandana style for every occasion and mood; just reach out to Fastprintstar to design your own personalized bandana that best suits you!

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