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How to Tie a Bandana on a Dog?

personalized dog bandana

Why Do People Put Bandanas on Dogs?

Dog bandanas have evolved into fashionable costumes that pet owners now add to their dogs’ and pets’ wardrobes. You will often see them wrapped around dogs’ neck, but they can also be worn for pets such as cats.

People put bandanas on their dogs for both fun and practical reasons. Let’s examine some of them:

For Weather protection and Temperature regulation

People who live in cold regions can use bandanas to keep their dogs’ chests and necks warm as extreme cold can affect their blood circulation system. In hot seasons, you can also soak the bandana in water, wring to get rid of excess water and tie it around your dog’s neck. This will help them stay cool in hot weather since they can’t sweat out because of their fur.

For information display and signalling

Some pet owners also go all out for their pets by designing custom-printed dog bandanas to display the pets’ names or favourite words. For business owners, a custom dog bandana with logo is also a great idea to allow your pets to wear and market your brand on the move. Different bandana colours are also used to signal strangers of dogs’ behavioural or medical conditions as seen in the table below.

Colours of Dog Bandanas



Deaf or Blind


Adoption or Nervous


Service dog or In training




Keep other dogs away


Don’t feed dog


Not friendly

For aesthetic purpose

The exciting part of wearing bandanas for dogs is when it’s done to style them up. You can simply enhance the appearance of your dogs with fancy dog bandanas.

To control anxiety in dogs

Certain perfumes and sprays are used to control aggressive and anxious dogs. Pet owners with dogs of these attributes usually fume the bandanas with such sprays and wear them on their dogs to keep them calm.

Pet lovers often find ways to upgrade their dog’s fashion, but they need more creative ideas. Most times, they even settle on a single, traditional style that soon gets boring. Given that bandanas are one of the pet accessories that can be worn in a variety of ways, we have listed in this article the several ways you can craft them to adorn your dogs.

You can now make your dogs look and feel lively for the strolls and hikes especially when they are custom dog bandanas.

How to Put a Bandana on a Dog?

The basic way to put a bandana on a dog can also be called the cowboy style. The following are the steps to follow:

Step 1: The first thing to do is to fold your square-shaped scarf-like kind of bandana into a triangle by folding it diagonally. Find illustrations below:

personalised dog bandanas
dog bandanas

Folding will not be required for the slip-on type of dog bandana.

Step 2: Depending on the size of your dog, you can further roll the folded triangle to create smaller sizes.

folded dog bandanas

The more you roll, the smaller the triangle gets.

Step 3: Place the folded triangle bandana around your dog’s neck in such a way that the triangle is left to fall over its chest.

Step 4: You should then tie the two pointed edges of the triangle together at the back to rest on the dog’s neck to keep it in position.

dog bandana custom logo

After tying, try to fit two of your fingers under the tied region of the bandana and ensure that your fingers can move freely. If not, loosen up the knot to save your pet from discomfort.

You can also turn the triangle to the side like this:

4 ways to Style Bandana on a Dog

Check out the following styling ways for more fanciful looks for your dogs.

1. The rolling style
The rolling style

With this style, you are set to make your pet look chic and friendly. The rolling style is created by first folding your bandana into a triangle. Then start rolling from the longest angle to the single pointed edge to form a strand. Lastly, wrap the strand of bandana around your dog’s neck and knot under the neck. You can leave the excesses to dangle or use them to form a bow.

2. The scarf style

Place the folded bandana over your dog’s head and knot the two loose ends under its chin while the triangle covers its head leaving the face exposed. You can twin with your pet with this style.

The scarf style
  1. The cape style
The cape style

The cape style is the reversed form of the basic cowboy style. It is especially cute on pets that are naturally petite but can also be styled on medium-sized and big dogs. Once your triangle bandana is formed, tie it around your dog’s neck, but this time, the triangular side is turned to cover their back instead of the chest. You have a cape on your pet!

  1. The bandana skirt on dogs
The bandana skirt on dogs

The bandana dog skirt is perfect for that favourite pet you hang out with and take to picnics. This will turn out well with vibrant custom bandanas that are large. Simply fold your bandana to form a triangle and tie around your dog’s waist, making the loose ends face down while the triangle covers the waist down.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bandana for Your Dogs?

There are various important factors to consider when picking a bandana for your dog. These things determine your pet’s comfortability, fit and styling options. Let’s examine some of these factors.

The type of fabric used in the production of the bandana should be highly considered because it determines durability and plays a vital role in enhancing comfortability. Generally, soft fabrics like polyester are recommended for a dog bandana to avoid irritability and overheating for very furry pets. However, in cold seasons, you may try out thicker materials or a soft fabric bandana with multiple layers.

Depending on the styling possibilities you would like to explore, another factor to consider is the type of bandana you are getting for your dog. The types include The Tie-on Dog Bandana: This usually comes in the shape of a triangle with loose ends which makes it easier to style on dogs.

The Tie-on Dog Bandana

The Slip-on Dog Bandana: This also comes triangular, but usually has a buckle dog collar which makes it easy to slide over your dog’s neck. This type has no loose ends and is limited in styling.

The Slip-on Dog Bandana

The Scarf-style Bandana: This comes in square and is often more spacious and lengthier, giving you the chance to explore most of the styles.  

The Scarf-style Bandana

Also, avoid dog bandanas with embellishments like heavy beads, stones and strings as these could be choky on your pets. The last and most important factor to consider is the size of your dog’s bandana. Ensure to choose a perfectly sized bandana for your pet as this is the sole determinant of their comfortability and fitness.

How Big is a Dog Bandana?

A dog bandana can be as big as 54 inches wide, and as small as 14 inches. Therefore, the size of a dog bandana depends on your dog’s neck size. Most manufacturers like FastPrintStar use a range of sizes classified as small, medium and large.

However, to determine the size of your dog, measure the size of its neck and take note of the inches. Manufacturers can easily recommend a perfect bandana size for your dog with that number. It can as well be determined by the dog’s breed since some dogs are naturally small while others have bigger stature.

Where to Design Custom-made Dog Bandanas for Your Pets?

When you want to design items like dog bandanas, FastPrintStar would be highly recommended.

One of the intriguing features of this manufacturer is its easy-to-use order page which has over 20 colour options. You will also have the opportunity to upload three of your designs in different file formats such as JPEG, GIFs, and so on. If you need help with your design, their experts offer professional design ideas for free. You can place an order in just three steps!

Another feature of FastPrintStar is its fast turnaround time. Upon placing a successful order, a free artwork of your design will be emailed to you for confirmation within 12 hours. Their customized dog bandana has no minimum order quantity which means you can order as low as one. Custom dog bandanas bulk are also available with discounts!

Their communication service is 24/7. You can reach out to them from anywhere around the world and at any time to make inquiries or monitor your orders and expect to get apt. reply. Their custom bandana for dogs can be paired with a dog harness and leash. Reach out to FastPrintStar today for your customizing and printing services. Their promotional products range from outdoor accessories, home, and life to events and lanyards.


Dog bandanas are functional items that are used to protect your pets from harsh weather conditions, and control anxiety in dogs, among other purposes. They are also flexible, enabling a wide range of styling possibilities.

As discussed above, wearing a bandana for your dog is easy in its basic form, and the practical steps have been provided to walk you through that. We have also compiled a list of ways to style dog bandanas on your pets with easy-to-follow steps. The styles include the rolling style, square knot, cape and skirt styles.

In choosing a bandana for your dog, it is essential to consider the type of fabric, the type of the bandana, its safety and size. Tips to determine your dog’s bandana size, recommended fabric and the types of dog bandanas have been discussed above to further help you in choosing the best accessory for your pets. FasPrintStar is also a reliable firm that is ready to answer your questions on pet supplies.

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