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How To Make a Dog Bandana?

How To Make a Dog Bandana

What are Dog Bandanas?

A dog bandana is a triangular clothing piece worn for dogs and other pets for various reasons.

Most dog owners use dog bandanas to make their pets appear less intimidating. Dog owners make it simple for strangers to connect with their pets by sending specific messages through the inscriptions on their bandanas.

custom dog bandanas-2

Some of them use the bandana’s color to express their message. For example, a yellow bandana on a dog could signal to strangers that the dog is uneasy, unpredictable, and requires space.

Another practical use of dog bandanas is to shield them from weather impacts. Dog bandanas can keep your pet warm during the winter and cool in summertime. They also protect against sunburn in pets that are prone to it and keep them safe from flies and bug bites.

Finally, a dog bandana increases your dog’s attractiveness. If you enjoy investing in your dogs, creating custom dog bandanas with unique design features will add flare and make them appear smart.

Custom dog bandanas come with different design options. Customising firms like FastPrintStar can produce custom dog bandanas with pictures, names or custom logo dog bandanas.

How to Make Dog bandanas?

If this is your first time learning about customized dog bandanas, you might want to try their effectiveness before investing in them.

It may interest you to know that creating a dog bandana yourself is one of those simple DIY sewing projects that can be completed in a few hours. The materials you will need are also affordable.

Whether you have basic sewing skills or are a novice, making a pet bandana for your dog or pets is worth your time. With these simple procedures, you will love and enjoy each step of the way. You definitely want to make it as lovely as possible so you can be proud of your job!

The tools you will need are as follows:

make dog bandana
  1. A pair of scissors
  2. A soft tape measure
  3. A sewing needle
  4. Some safety pins
  5. A thread
  6. A mat or flat surface
  7. An iron
  8. A sewing machine (optional)
  9. Any fabric of your choice.

For dog bandanas, it is always ideal to choose lightweight, easy-to-wash materials that dry fast. Consider using leftover materials or buying a new one. The number of yards will be determined by the number of bandanas you wish to make. It is also ideal to pre-wash and iron before you start the project.

Sizing and Measuring a Dog Bandana?

You don’t want to build an undersized or oversized bandana for your dog, so it is essential to take measurements to establish the ideal size.

To choose the right size for your dog’s bandana, measure its collar, which is the base of its neck. A dog’s collar is the circular part located in the centre of its shoulders at the front legs.

Once the collar has been determined, use your tape rule to measure around it and record the outcome of the measurement. Regardless of the type of dog bandana you’re creating, you need to add 1-4 inches to the real measurement to provide a comfortable fit.

If you don’t have a dog to measure with, or if your pet isn’t a dog, you can easily work with the sizing chart below to make tie-on dog bandanas.








Up to 20 lbs

20-30 lbs

30-50 lbs

50-90 lbs

90lbs upward

Dogs Breed

● Dachshund

● Shih Tzu

● Yorkshire Terrier

● Beagle

● French Bulldog

● Miniature Schnauzer

● Bulldog

● Australian Shepherd

● Shetland Sheepdog

● Boxer

● German Shepherd

● Labrador Retriever

● Mashiff

● Rottweiler

● Great Dane

Collar Size

8 to 12 inches

10 to 16 inches

14 to 20 inches

18 to 26 inches

20 to 28 inches


How to Cut Dog Bandanas?

Most beginners often do not have any idea of how to form a triangle with a fabric, but cutting a dog bandana is quite simpler than you can imagine. Below are the steps to guide you:

STEP 1: Spread your rectangular piece of fabric on a flat surface.

If your fabric is as wide as one yard, you should fold it to create two layers.


STEP 2: The next thing to do is to fold one end to the next diagonal end and cut through the folded side.

You just created a triangle!

The first triangle formed may be too big for a dog especially if your fabric is large. Therefore, You will have to keep forming another triangle from the already formed triangle until your desired size is achieved.

STEP 3: Fold each triangle’s longest side so that its first and second pointy edges meet to form smaller triangles, then cut the folded sides.

As you form each triangle size, ensure to confirm your desired width with the measurement of your dog’s collar.

By appropriately following these steps, you have just made no-sew tie-on type of dog bandanas for your dogs and other pets in varying sizes.

You can also make the edges more attractive by using a zigzag pair of scissors to shear the edges.

How to Sew a Dog Bandana?

shear edge

Dog bandanas can be sewn into two different styles: tie-on and slip-on. Sewing your dog bandana will also hide any uneven edges, giving the piece a more polished and long-lasting appearance. Let’s examine the procedures for sewing each of them.

How to Sew a Simple Tie-on Dog Bandana?

The procedures are as follows:

STEP 1: Follow the steps under “how to cut dog bandanas” to cut your desired size of the dog bandana and confirm the measurement of your dog’s collar.

STEP 2: After cutting out the triangle, fold the edges by ¼ inch to the wrong side of the cloth.

fold the edges

Fold this measurement twice and secure the folds with your office pin.

STEP 3: Finally, stitch all of the folded edges while gently removing the pins.

stitch edge

If you don’t have a sewing machine, simply thread a sewing needle with a needle threader and make some basic hand stitches around the edges to complete your dog bandana.

How to Sew a Slip-on Dog Bandana?

Another name for the slip-on dog bandana is the over-the-neck design. These are the kinds that often come with clips so you can put them on your dogs without having to knot them.

over-the-neck design

The following are the steps you need to take:

STEP 1: Prepare a square-shaped piece of fabric. Ensure that you measure the length of your dog’s neck.

STEP 2: As usual, match the corners to form a triangle, but this time, do not cut.

Rather, use an iron to make a line by ironing the longer edge.

match triangle

STEP 3: The triangle must then be unfolded back into a square and corner slips created. Fold the two points of the iron-created line by one inch each to form the corner slips.

You should have a little triangle folded at two opposing sides if you got this properly.

Fold triangle-1

STEP 4: Iron the two sides down and sew them down with either a machine or tiny hand stitches.

STEP 5: Sewing the remaining edges together is what you should do next. To do this, fold your triangle in reverse so that the rough corners of the mini triangles you sown face you.

Sew edge

STEP 6: As you sew the other sides, make sure you don’t stitch over the small triangles, which are what make the collar slide. After sewing the sides, flip your bandana inside out through the collar slip and straighten with an iron.

sew sides

STEP 7: Complete the collar slip by sewing straight over the bandana and begin the stitching immediately below the collar slip’s straight edges.

straight edges

This will assist in separating the body from the slide.

You can now just put a buckle dog collar through the slip to use the pet bandana as a slip-on.

pet bandana

Where to Order Custom Made Dog Bandanas in Bulk?

Come to FastPrintStar to create some of the finest customised products, including custom dog bandanas. The firm has a track record of satisfying its consumers from countries around the world with its competent workers and reliable global shipping services.

FastPrintStar’s custom-printed dog bandana will help you glam up your dogs and pets. The dog bandanas produced at FastPrintStar are made of breathable polyester fabric and come in a variety of sizes. You may download their product design template to have a better idea of the sizes.

FastPrintStar’s custom dog bandanas are professionally printed in brilliant colours, capturing every feature of your pets’ designs. Their printing technology ensures that your artwork lasts a long time without fading, allowing your pets to stand out at all times.

If you are a veterinarian, you can consider gifting your clients custom dog bandanas with logo of your brand’s emblem to foster loyalty. You will also enjoy an appropriate discount from FastPrintStar. Even for individual pet owners, FastPrintStar has no minimum order quantity, allowing you to purchase as few as one piece and explore the design collections of custom dog bandanas with pictures and custom dog bandanas with names. Are you a custom product wholesaler, or do you want to establish your own customising business? FastPrintStar also offers a  bundle of custom dog bandanas wholesale. Without hesitation, partner with one of the most reputable online printing companies now!

Other features of FastPrintStar include free shipping for their typical turnaround time of 16-20 working days and an easy-to-use web interface with over twenty colour variants. They also provide free design services; contact FastPrintStar if you need help developing a logo for your new brand.  FastPrintStar values every customer and treats them like royalty.


There is always a sense of excitement and confidence that comes from understanding how to create and bring things to life. Making a dog bandana is one of those DIY sewing projects that you want to accomplish, and our how-to guide has made it even simpler.

Adorn your dogs with your handiwork to strengthen your bond and show them how much you care. The dog bandana you just produced will not only enhance their appearance but will also protect them from severe weather effects, among other benefits.

If you’re yet to make yours, remember to work with measurements and don’t be afraid to do something different with the slip-on bandana style.

Lastly, step up your pet accessory and bring your imagination to life with a custom dog bandana at FastPrintStar.

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